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my GP isn't listening to me wont recognize my symptons . i have had a swollen abdomen -a solid hard mass with hard pea sized lumps and very sore and tender especially when I lie down at night. does anyone know of a private doctor in northeast of England or scottish borders (Edinburgh),this has been going on for months and he will not do refer me to anyone.

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  • The following link should help to find a clinic i put Edinburgh & found 5 but if you put your post code in it will search better.

    Good Luck

  • Your experience of this GP is disgraceful. Can you not transfer to another surgery?

    OR could you go to A&E and explain that you are not getting anywhere with this GP and, since he won't refer you, you are hoping that by turning up they might be able to do something to help. It is worth a try. I hope that whatever your problem is, it isn't serious but without a proper examination how can you be sure. Good luck, anbuma. Keep us all posted. Love and hugs Saskia XX

  • thank you both for your messages.

    saskia - I have already changed surgeries in the past as I did not like the doctors and staff at the first practice they were both rude and uncaring so changing practices is not an option and I have been to A&E earlier this year.where they said an abdominal xray was clear and then I had to leave as my brother who took me had to be home for a meeting.I am seeing the practice manager at my surgery to discuss concerns with her and my doctor (who has to be present)next week so hope this will get him to listen.

  • I have been trying to keep up with where you are up to on this and now I will wait until you post after the meeting hun xxxxx

  • thank you Ozzygirl64.will let you know how it goes .as it approaches am getting slightly nervous.

  • I have quite. Large lump on the top of my left side of ribcage van be very painful when I lie or kids cuddle Dr told me its a fatty tissue lump called a lipoma .have done research and apparently they common in fibro patients so it may well be that however its best to get all lumps checked for your own peace of mind .hope you get sorted soonxsoft hugs

    Frances x

  • thank you Frances,you must have a good Dr who listens to you.

    am considering going private but am reliant on my brother to make an apt as he or his wife will have to take me.

  • Good luck with your meeting I hope it sorts things out for you. Sithy

  • thank you Sithy.

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