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Some doctors!

Been to gp today, as have labrynitis. Been really ill all weekend. Saw doctor never seen before, old and not a believer of the newer illnesses lol. Was told it is all due to my weight and need to do lots of hard exercise. I may feel achy the next day but will feel wonderful after 2 or 3 days. He obviously has no idea about fibromyalgia. I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Do others get this type of 'advice' ?

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Hi I too was told its my weight....My lower back was so painful I could hardly walk.My GP rang me when I phoned for advice, she told me to see if I could get to the dr's to be checked out. She could not see me, however I would see another GP. I struggled into the dr's, saw him, and he was not interested at all......Said I should lose weight and its a machcanical problem and just get on with it..................I felt so small.

Jan x


I'm sorry you too have been going through the nastiness of labrynthitis - you are the third person this week that I know of who's got/had it and having had it myself some years back I know how rotten it can make you feel.

Yes, I do know of gp's who are like dinosaurs, neither knowing or wanting to know of illness like ours, I hope you have the option to see someone who is a tad more understanding very soon.

I'm enjoying a good burst of tinnitus today, wasn't happening yesterday, had a bad night wih pain from back spasm, then a migraine which has eased but now have a really very high pitched ringing in my ears which is driving me nuts, Bah humbug !!!

Foggy x


I went this afternoon to see a new doctor at my practice. I'm 52, she was about 30. Long pink finger nails, all dolled up. She was so patronizing, condescending and just plain bl**dy rude.

I'm already struggling as I feel so depressed. She's totally ruined my day.

I'm thinking about writing a complaint. She told me that she had to explain slowly all the results of my CT scan.

I told her that I was not stupid and that she didn't need to explain SLOWLY to me.

She then said "I didn't say you were thick" eh?!

Suffice it to say I won't be seeing her again. I felt totally bullied by her.

My wonderful doctor has sadly left :(

Coz xx


Cor Coz, point me in her direction and I will transform myself into an Exocet missile and launch at her. Hw dare she be so bullying to my friend. DO write and complain to the practice manager, you can't let that dr treating you is such a manner. GGGrrrrrr...........

Angry Foggy xx


Hiya Angry Foggy :)

Thanks for your message.

It really made me smile and I know underneath the joke you feel badly for me.

I got the impression she was newly qualified. I've seen A LOT of GPs in my time but she took my breath away.

I was so angry I actually couldn't breathe. She asked me a yes or no question and I just nodded because I really thought I was going to explode, and she actually repeated the question as if I was a naughty school child, in order to make me answer her question out loud.

She then asked me if I wanted her to help me or not.

She asked me what my IBS symptoms were and when I told her she said "sorry, that's not what I call IBS".

My doctor back home diagnosed my IBS. At the time I'd never heard of it before.

I really honestly couldn't speak. I need to calm down before I do anything I may regret.

I am definitely a very unhappy bunny at the moment. I'm very depressed and she hasn't helped how I'm feeling.

Thanks for supporting me

Very Unhappy Coz xx


You know that thing which you speak into and get a response........I'm waiting !!!! :-) :-)


Foggy x


Hi Shelley. Hope your labyrinthitis is easing up for you, it is not nice at all. I get it from time to time and have to lie as still as I can if it's bad, if I move too quickly at the moment feel a bit off for a few seconds which is passable.

As for doctors, I was once told not to mention Fibro as it was only for wasters! I didn't see him again and he left the surgery.

Take care and good luck with a different GP.

Is x


Thanks for the replies. Sorry to hear your bad experience coz1. Good drs are hard to find and generally leave quickly. Labyrinitis seems common in fibro sufferers? This is second time I have had this and get dizzy very easy. Anyway better try to sleep haha! Thank you for the support! Take care


Yes I've been told I just need to lose weight, my GP told me a while back to buy a bike & go cycling! I nearly hit her!


Not had get a bike! Told to go swimming but don't know how I am supposed to pull myself out the pool when I am tired after exercise, the doctor said 'o yes I hadn't thought of that'. If they are experts what hope have we got. I have yet to be brave enough to reply when told by doctors I am over weight - how many years have you been trained for to tell me that? I am not stupid and do own a mirror! Lol one day keep positive! X


Yes I tried aqua aerobics a couple of years ago, by the time i'd got there by bus & walking I could barely get into my swimsuit let alone hold my arms up for 40 minutes of aerobic activity. When I got out it took me so long to dry & dress the staff were waiting at the door to lock up the changing rooms. Soooo embarrassing xx


I'm looking forward to June next year, apparently, according to the ATOS nurse, I'm going to lose about 8 stone and then I'll be cured! Luckily my doctor has a working brain, when I tell him I'm not losing weight despite hardly eating he tells me. "if you can't exercise you're unlikely to lose weight". I just tell myself I'm not overweight for my height, I'm just too short for my weight.


Doctors seem to be getting more ignorant. This condition is nowhere near a 'new' illness. Many years ago it was called fibrositis and it's even believed that Florence Nightingale had it. It's just that over the years things have been learned and treatments changed - it's just a pity the cure hasn't been found yet! It's also recognised by the World Health organisation and NHS choices have a good write up on it. I just hate this current trend where doctors treat us as if we're stupid, probably because we know more about our condition than they do, they don't like being told things but they're not prepared to learn about it. Our practice has trainee GPs and I've found they're the best doctors to see - unfortunately they aren't around for long before someone new comes, but they treat you a whole lot differently to the established doctors. I've also been told that trainee doctors only get around 4 hours of training on chronic pain conditions in all the years they train - so that's probably why so many are ignorant.


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