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doctors today !

hello to everyone and hugs , its taken me days to be able to express how im feeling , my pain doctor has asked for me to see my doctor as iam becoming depressed with all of this . since being diagnosed last year I have become worse , I try to continue to do things but I pay for it later ! I have come from a fit person , working and running the house , to being confined to the house ! all weather effects me , summer the humidity inflicts more pain and winter im floored ! the only comfort is a hot bath . I think I have realised now how bad I have this , and its hit me hard ! I sometimes wonder if there is anything else going on , the fatigue is debilitating I go up the stairs and im so weak , its just hard to accept I suppose.

I have heard today that someone my friend knows has been reffered by a pain doctor to go away for three weeks were you get councilling and support and learn how to cope with this , I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this , as I haven't , sorry to go on just needed to chat x hugs to everyone today x

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Hi broadband,so sorry that you are feeling so depressed and fibro is aweful.I can truly emphasise with you.I found that when I first got diagnosed 8 years ago that the first two years were the worst with physical and mental symptoms.Although in saying that I seem to be heading that way again! Can't say that I have heard of that just the pain management programme where you spend one day a week with other peeps with chronic pain learning coping mechanisms by a nurse,physio,and psychotherapist.I was very much the same as you,working,running the home,quite active etc..and now iam bed/housebound a lot and hardly active at all.Coming to terms with this condition is the hardest thing ever especially if it has drastically changed your life as it has mine.I always find that the iller iam,the more depressed I feel as well.I too,used to wonder if I had something else going on but the fibro can affect some people very severely and I guess I fit that mould.Regarding the counselling,you can ask for counselling via your g.p as iam about to be refereed again as it never sunk in the last lot I had.You are wise to see your doc as this is what I need to do as I haven't told her how I feel.Are you taking any antidepressants? :)


Hi , iam taking nortriptyline of a night , maybe he will change my meds . Are you going to go to ur doctor , you should do haribo x I thought I could just go on with it but I cant im so down and tired , as much as I try and do things im knocked back with pain , I just hope theres something to help make me feel a little better ,. Big hugs to you today haribo tc xx


Hi broadband! How are you today and how did the docs go?xx


Hi haribo , how are you ? He has put me on antidepressants , my doctor has left now so it wasnt the same , I will try them along side my other tablets .the weather change again today is making me hurt so much , hot bath I think , were abouts are you haribo x


Hi broadband,I just wrote a long reply and now I've lost it so gotta start over again now! Iam the same as you,hurting and feel more weak than ever.I need to get a g.p appointment which I will do shortly.I seem to be going downhill with fibro symptoms and I spend most of my time now stuck at home in bed clothes in bed or just pottering around.Most of the time I haven't even got the energy to wash,clean teeth etc and iam pretty much heading towards how I was when I first got fibro and was bed bound.The fatigue ATM is overwhelming,just as bad and sometimes worse than fibro.Its my sons 5 th birthday at the weekend and what worrys me is that I need to take him out but don't know how I will manage it if iam as ill as this.I live in southeast Essex area,in a place called canvey island.Its near Southend-on-sea,where do you live?xx


Wow my mum knows all around were you live , I was born in basildon then brought up in liverpool . My cousins live in romford essex . Iam now in rossendale lancashire . I really hope your body behaves and gives you a little energy to get through your sons birthday . I know exactly how your feeling its like were going backwards ! I had to go back to bed this morning I was zapped , then the rears come , im here tho if you want to chat , we can get through this together , it might help xx big hugs my friend x


Many thanks broadband,do you have kids?x


Hi broadband

I dont suppose it really helps you much for me to tell you this, but I feel exactly the same as you.

I worked full time, cared for my kids alone, looked after the house, did the cooking, did the garden, washed the car, you name it.

At the moment I cant work at all. I'm not housebound but my pain levels are very high.

Now I'm hard pushed to cook dinner & wash up afterwards.

I have a real sense of being a failure too.

I was offered a Pain Management Course, which like Haribo's was once a week, but it would have been impossible for me to get there and back as it was too far away.

This condition is now controlling me and I cant bare it.

I hope it might be just some small sense of comfort to know your not alone.

x sending good vibes & thoughts your way x


Does anyone feel better when they get out of the house even for part of the day?

It doesn't have to be a big adventure but sitting outside in the sun can do wonders

or am I too early in my stage of fibro to know this stuff? I always feel better when the

oven gives off good scents of food cooking, plus it warms the house. Fresh flowers

brighten up my living space as well..I refresh them every time I must go to the market.

Sending you more sunshine, a good cup of tea and an excellent book to read..virtually.

xx Feel better soon.


Hi yikes! Yes when I can actually get out of the house I feel more human and normal I guess as I can actually participate in life instead of being ill at home.I often tell myself that I should do it more but some days I can't even get dressed,brush my hair or clean my teeth.How are you today?x


It's a new day..I am alive, awake and having some decaf's chilly and I am six hours earlier than you so

the sun is just coming up. I have a lot of work to do today.

I saw Hello Dolly with my daughters last night-was out too

late. Went to bed by 2am..haha.


Gosh! I don't think I could do that,if I did I would be in bed for days after to get over it.Do you feel really tired?x


I do have my moments but they seem appropriate to

be tired. I'm good today though. I am reading on this site between my sets of work.


Hi Broadband, Please please do not take what I am about to say the wrong way, but I am sure if every one put down how things started they would very much mirror your journey, I'm afraid to say. In my early teens, well 13, I started having problems. These interfered in my life hugely. All Doctors could come up with was growing pains lol. Well many years of not being listened to led to full on major panic attacks. Finally at the ripe old age, hehe, of 40, and working all the time and pushing myself (well there was nothing wrong with me according to the doctors) I am now 47, they said that I have Fibro. Sadly now I also have Agoraphobia and everything that goes along with that. All that said I want to reassure. A positive attitude really helps. Unfortunately I have only just found this out myself :o). I do not want to come across all hippy dippy as I am the most unhippy dippy person ever. I am unable to take tablets they make me more ill and too many side affects and being zombiefied. This might not work for you but I promise you something will work. For me I am reading a book called "You can't afford the luxury of a negative thought". As I fall between the cracks in the NHS system I was getting very desperate for any form that might help me and took myself of, with my daughter-in-law who is my lifeline for even being able to go out that is how sad I am, to the Library for any self help books I could find. Trust me I went through a few before I found this one that does seem to be helping. You will find that something that works for you. Tablets, massage, CBT, reading, music, meditation, setting yourself small targets and not being to hard on yourself, we all do that one (why can't I do this that or the other, how stupid am I that I have broken yet another thing, why can't I even remember if I have eaten today oh why can't I be normal) You have this disease that there is no reason why you have it how you got it and no cure and you just have to find a way, even on the darkest of days, of just accepting it. I really hope this might have helped you in some way.


Morn grace , hope you are ok , I take on board everything you have said , I was just venting my feelings as I found im struggling at he moment , im not the best with tablets and have tried several . I know eventually I will find something that will ease me a little , iam usually positive I just need to find it again , tc hugs angie xx


You have a bunch of supportive friends on here. =)

Im sorry that you are struggling to find that oasis to rest.

xxxxxxxxx hugs galore.


Ty yikes it means a lot big hugs xx


Hi yikes, i always feel better for gettinhg out of the house, psychologically usually physicslly exhausting but worth it for the buzz!


Walking out on my deck and sitting there energized me.....


Broadband, it's been 2 days now..are you doing any better? I hope so.

Music is very healing and a big comfort to a lot of people, especially the

ones that are awake in pain..It calms the body down and you start to breathe

slower, until you fall asleep..


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