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Christmas was hard going!!

As most of you know,I was very ill the leadup to Christmas. My FM was raging and I have a serious bowell problem. Neither myself or my OH can drive at the moment so my daughter helped us get the shopping we needed.

On Christmas day she came to us and picked up my 86 year old mother from the nursing home she has been in for nearly 2 years!

She could move better than I can ! she got in the car and out and walked into the house.

It was so lovely to see My Mother sat up at our table,on Christmas day...She opened all of her presents with us and never went home untill 7 that evening. With a big smile on her face :-) We spent a quiet evening after they had gone.......

Boxing day would have been my Mum and Dad's wedding aniversary and we planned to go to the home for the afternoon......but I just could not wake up ........I was exhausted,and spent the whole dayin bed. My daughters OH came and took my OH to the home just to see mum for an hour or so........I eventually got up at 6 o-clock...........but was still very tired,and in alot of pain. ;-(

This morning at 8.30 I had to go for a doplar test (not sure if that is right ) I had to lay on a couch with my arms and legs attatched to a machine to check my circulation, It was agony and the first one had no reading on my arms,then had to do it all again,pressure is about 5 times stronger than a blood pressure wrap!! ( first your arms and then the legs..No moving or talking. ) I had to lay flat on my back with my legs straight.........this in it self was hard as my legs don't go flat. after 40 mins I could not bend my leg I was screaming in agony ( I am waiting to have 2 knee replacements ) Got home and my legs and arms have tiny lines of bruising on them and still indented where the Pressure bands not having a very good day off back to bed in a moment!!!

Sorry this is not a cheerful blog x x ;-(

Well i do wish everyone a Happy New Year in case I am not on here for a while x :-)

Gentle Hugs from me to you all x x x

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oh bless you Rainbow why do visits to Drs seem to end up leaving us in more pain than when we went. Did they not give you the results ?

I am so glad you had a lovely xmas day with your Mum but its sad that you had to pay for it yesterday

hopefully you will feel better soon , warm hugs x


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