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Hair loss


Hello ppl well I'm at the docs worried about the bold patches iv found in my head have looked it up & it looks like I've got alopicia ontop of what els is wrong has anyone els suffered with this I don't think I could cope with no hair its always been thick & I aways have to have it done even for work I only work in a pub kitchen but always like it to look nice xx not having any kind of stress related issues

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Have they checked your thyroid for an underactive thyroid

am so sorry to hear that you've got a new problem starting :-( are you getting enough of the right vitamins? is it perhaps hormonal?


I would also say ask for your thyroid levels to be checked, under active thyroid can cause hairloss/thinning.

I have sufferd with hair loss which was due to an under active thyroid . The only trouble is my hair is very thin on top which I get very upset and embarrassed . I hope you can get it sorted take care

I too have thinning hair and, although not bald patches, I can see at the scalp where the hair loss is. I had to have my hair cut shorter last time because of this and can see through to my scalp when I am in say, a changing room. I also have bald patches on my legs and the hair I have there is very thin. I have had my thyroid and iron levels checked and they are fine. My GP isn't sure what else it could be so for now I am putting it down to fibro but I will keep pursuing just in case it is something more that I should be worried about. x

Yes def get some blood tests from your GP.

I have alopecia for which I get a clear lotion by prescription at St Thomas in London. They make it themselves and I still have to pay -- I think it's £17 a bottle and that's the NHS rate. Not covered by free Rx or prepayment cert either, so it's not cheap. But soo worth it.

It's called Minoxidil 5% -- they usually only give 5% to men, but as I'm not of child bearing ago (sad face), they let me have it. I had some hair regrowth within 2 weeks.

Down side is, you have to use it every day forever or else any regrowth just falls out. And the regrowth isn't quite like normal hair and in my case it comes in white/silver. But still I Say ANY HAIR IS GOOD HAIR -- i just dye it more often.

So don't give up on feeling good about how you look -- that is normal. I have loads more to say about scalp coverage as well, with various sprays and cosmetics. don't want to mention any product names (the above is a Medicine).

best wishes.

x j.

P.S. I only got the diagnosis and Rx after a referral to the specialist Hair Clinic, and lots of tests including blood and having a hair sample plucked out. Still ALL WORTH IT as I have definite regrowth which feels great. I was extremely (extremely!) depressed with my hair loss. So for me I could say it was perhaps a Life Saver.

good luck!

I've had alopecia since aged 12. It's one of a long list of auto-immune disorders. Theory has it that severe stress, trauma etc. causes the immune system to attack the body. There are different causes and a visit to your doctor 1st place to start.

Good luck. xx

Definitely get some tests done - SLE (lupus) can cause alopecia, as can the previously mentioned thyroid disorder, and reproductive hormone imbalances (I've got issues due to polycystic ovarian syndrome). On the plus side, I find that having it cut shorter, so I can get some body into it, tends to detract the eye from the thinner areas, so it's not all doom and gloom. But get tests sorted first to make sure it's not something more systemic. xx

Thanx ppl I am in the process if having more blood tests so I got to wait & see the gp said it was my imune system that caused it ..its starting to get a bit of hair growth in the middle of the bold patch I have always had short hair so can't understand why I got this but its not all over only in one spot so guess I'm quite lucky thanx again for all your support xx:)

I experienced hair loss and researched the best vitamins to combat the problem. Then some one told me that a product named Reloxe included all the safe vitamins etc. that stimulated hair growth. I tried it and they were right! Worked in about 3 months. Reloxe Stopped me from having to buy 10 or more different kinds of vitamins per month. LOL

I think their website is:

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