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Home sweet home

Well I'm back from my little break. The LGI loved me so much they kept me from 7am lying on a trolley in the waiting room for 13 hours cos I was a moaning Minnie and said I couldn't sit for hours on end in a chair but it must have been laundry day cos I had no blanket but sure I looked cool wrapped in a black poncho with my hoodie over my face (also black) the pink cat ears on the hood added to the effect I'm sure. 2 doctors tried to scare me by telling me how dangerous the procedure was and of course I had all day nil by mouth to think about this. I had ran away once so thought I should go through with it this time!

At 8.30pm a nice man with another trolley arrived and this time I even got a pillow too.

Another nice man gave me some stuff that made the world go wibbly then I woke up and the lovely nurses plonked me into a bed where I stayed for the next 2 days to enjoy the hospitality. The tv was free yippee :)

I still have a bit of bone protruding it's bright red at the moment but won't know how much the op has worked till the swelling has gone down.

I hope the lady in the bed opposite has gone on ok today cos she was having a triple heart bypass and was scared - I would be too!

Back home now and being spoilt rotten and my friends have just been round from work to see me. The op may not have been a huge success but I woke up just glad to be alive

Hope you are all having a good (or not so bad) day

Storm out x

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Glad that you went through with it this time Storm. It sounds like you have been a whole lot braver than I might have been in your position (I too have done a runner from hospital before now,). Hope you recover quickly and that your friends continue to spoil you! Jane x


Thanks Jane - I was tempted to walk out after 7 hours but rang my best friend and me mum and they both said 'well you've got this far' I was scared cos if the consultant pushed too hard he could damage my windpipe, arteries etc but hey I'm still here - still have lump but have a different attitude towards it x


Im so so pleased yre home.and have had it done.i wish you all the best in recovery.and less pain as poss.

Hugs xx


Welcome home Stormwytch you got through it now you must be gentle o yourself and get better slowly. Do as they say be as good as you can and in the long run you will get better faster. Good luck hun you are amazin xgins


I'm watching wife-swap. Oh the rot has set in already lol


So glad you went through with it this time around xxxxx


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