A Christmas miracle

Its stopped raining and the sun is out .... I would like to attribute it to my time travel and saving the world but I will be realistic and recognise the clouds have drained themselves of water so by February we should be in a drought.....

At least I can venture out on mobility scooter and deliver last two presents so tomorrow I can just relax and have a wonderful lazy relaxing Christmas.... Our second in this bungalow.... Good place to live ... We spent the Christmas before in our old house in chaos as the chimney fell through the roof on Christmas day....and of course the insurance blamed it on the heavy snow being an act of god and refused to pay out....

Shuffles off to deliver presents on her mobility sleigh

Ho ho ho

VG x

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  • I hope you pimped up your scooter to make it look like Santa's sleigh all magical and Christmassy xxxxx

  • Indeed with lights tinsel and carols being beeped out on my horn...

    ho ho ho

    merrrrryyy Christmas VG x

  • Way to go VG excellent idea for mobility sleigh wish I had done that with mine yesterday. I especially fancy the lights ! :)

  • Alternative "Jingle Bells"

    Dashing through the snow

    In VG's mobility sleigh

    O'er the fields she goes

    Laughing all the way!

    Bells on bob tails ring

    There's lots of fairy lights!

    What fun it is to laugh and sing

    VG's sleighing song tonight.

    Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells

    Jingle all the way

    Oh, what fun it is to ride

    In VG's mobility sleigh!

    Jingle bells, jingle bells

    Jingle all the way

    Oh, what fun it is to ride

    In VG's mobility sleigh!

    Sorry VG, couldn't resist! ;):P

    (((hug))) xxx


  • brilliant Libs! :)

    sandra x

  • Hee hee well I couldn't compete with the decorated bungalows round here but I have the most christmassy mobility scooter

    VG x

  • Lol Grumpy

    Wishing you & your family a Very Merry Christmas. I hope you have as much of a pain free day as possible & eat, eat & be Merry.

    Best wishes & love

    Jackie xx

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