i would just like to say merry christmas

to everyone i know it is a hard time for us

but with a smile on ore face we will do it

with love in are hearts we will do it

so with all that and the love we send to every one

we will do it

we will make this christmas as much fun and happy as we can

so new year we will be in bed and in pain

but christmas will be full of joy and happness

soft hugs and gods will to every one this day and every day

merry christmas and may all your hopes come true for you and your families

soft hugs kath

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  • thankyou Kath, well put and nice thoughts.



    (((hug))) xxxx


  • Merry christmas i hope you have a wonderful day and a cracking new year and by cracking i dont mean any bones but do have fun x

  • Merry Christmas Kath, hope it's not too painful for you and for us all!! XXXX

  • Hi everyone, Im new to this site, diagnosed with Fibro in August, Ive found it so nice and you all seem to be a lovely group of people who support each other, so I would like to wish every one of you beautiful people a very good Christmas, think positive, give your love and kindness to all and you will be truly blessed.


  • Hello and welcome to our lovely forum Scruffybabe, you are most welcome here!

    Take a look around our Questions, Blogs and Tags, there is a wealth of information there, advice, support, personal experiences and friendship too! Please read our FibroAction Guidelines, you will find these under Blogs at the top, please select FibroAction Blogs and then scroll down. We ask all our new members to read these, many thanks.

    If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us, we are always only too happy to help. We all understand, we are all in the same boat here.

    I hope you enjoy your time at FibroAction!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and also a Happy New Year too! :)

    Best wishes. :)



  • Hello Libertyz,

    Thank you so much for your lovely warm welcome.

    I have emailed something to you under the contacts email address as I do urgently need some advice re. a DLA matter, l have given you my real name - did'nt think to use Scruffybabe - sorry I get confused and forget things!!!!

    This website is such a comfort to me, did not have anyone to taslk to so its nice to have a chat with people who have the same condition.

    A very Happy and Joyous Christmas to you and family Liberty.


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