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What to buy your OH for Christmas


As Christmas is looming again I thought I'd tell you how to bring back that childhood feeling of the excitement at being faced with a pile of presents not knowing what you were about to unwrap. I don't know about anyone else but now that gifts are often requests rather than surprises Christmas has kind of lost its magic (or maybe I'm just getting old and grumpy). So for as little as £10 you too can recreate the magic.

Here's what you do:

Buy 10 items from Poundland and wrap each item individually and put in a large gift bag. You can pick any amount you like but we decided on £10 and in addition items needed to come from different categories e.g. toiletries, socks, confectionery, CDs, DVDs etc. It doesn't really matter - the sillier the better. We had great fun choosing and wrapping items and on Christmas morning it was like being 5 years old again.

However be careful on the amount you set - after doing this two years in a row 10 items started getting difficult so we dropped to £5 and still had fun.

Try it this year, it's priceless 😀

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I'm getting unashamedly old and grumpy and absolutely detest flipping xmas Grrrr!

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Me too it seems to start earlier and earlier every year. it often feels like some huge party which I've not been invited to.

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I hate the pressure it puts on people. Endless tv advertising so kids want so much. Needs putting in Room 101.

What a wonderful idea! May have to give that a go....xx

Sounds great fun 😃🎄

I always loved Christmas 🎄but as I've got older or kids have got older and have Christmas morning in own houses now it's not the same. and I think did my parents feel this too, I've even got to the stage I give money and they can get what they like rather than me waste money, the younger ones money goes in bank. But the buzz of them opening 🎁🎁🎀🛍 has gone for me I do stress cos I like to get at least one gift so they can open, but yes it's all different now 😔 Xx

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This is exactly how I feel about it too now Robbie138

There's only one grandchild out of 6 that still believes,and it won't be long before someone spills the beans.i also have a great neice aged 2 who very much believes but they live a long way away and her little brother only 6 months .

So yes all different now

Take care.



We do 'daft gifts' before the main gift-giving. It has to be cheap and funny and we all end up having a great time trying it on/using it/working out what to do with it etc.

One year we gave my sis and her partner a coffee mug each - they were thick, ugly things (the mugs, not sis and partner lol), black on the outside and white inside. They couldn't figure them out until they got home and made themselves a cuppa. The hot drink activated the black outer, revealing a (very) daft photo of hubby and I wearing silly hats and crazy grins.

The other rule is that you have to wear/ use/figure out the item you get so when they came back the next day I answered the door wearing the pink plastic curlers that they'd bought for me. You probably had to be there, but we were doubled up laughing about the daft gifts for days after xx

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What Christmas is all about maggi999 such fun !! xx

I usually get a boxing day gift for each of my family which costs around £5 and is silly. Just for a bit of fun but they usually enjoy this more than if i spent a lot of money on a bigger gift for them. My youngest son has always loved cowboys so last year I got him a toy gun and holster and sheriffs badge and made him a neckerchief. He loved it. My oldest son is very arty so he got a colouring book and pens. Kept him quiet all day. I should start thinking what to get them for this year.

Play doe keeps adults quite for hours children to

That sounds like a great idea, I could have some real fun doing that with a few friends. Thanks for sharing! :) :)

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