The 6th day an in the square window

what a ..........very poofy raindeer looking over his shoulder in a very becoming manner. May be he is looking for he other five I hope you can name them all . Sits pondering Donna Blizten etc

What did Cinders say when she lost her photos?

I will give you all plenty of time to work out the punch line xgins :)

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  • Poofy reindeer! Oh my god! I laughed do hard and loud i nearly fell off my chair laughing...the kids came through to see what was going on! Oh Gins i do love you!!!!!!! xxx

  • Look superior I had a sleigh with all 9 reindeer flying through the night,

    With a rather strange looking Santa aboard hope it isn't gins or all I,ll get for Christmas is a lump of coal.....

    The reindeer, dancer dasher doner blitzen comet Cupid prance vixen and Rudolph,

    I know the answer to the joke but will keep it quiet see if any one else knows

    Oh I also know the names of all 7 dwarfs too. Well something HAD to stick in my brain.......

    Thinks hard , furrows brow, nope apart from knowing how to say look out girls there are cows coming .... in Latin nothing else appears to be in there.....


  • You forgot Olive, the other reindeer!

  • I did indeed do you know what games reindeer play?? I speak English and fibrese fluently but not reindeer........

  • The Reindeer Games started over a week ago!!!

    "This year, the Reindeer Games will feature the High Jump, Long Jump, Sprint Race, the Around-the-World Marathon, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Obstacle Course and the Snowboarding event.

    A slightly disappointed Rudolph will not play in any Reindeer Games, but will be on hand to provide expert commentary, as well as some very bright lighting for the night competitions."

  • I went to the site..... I typed in my name.... I am on the nice list.... Ha Gins :P. santas gonna leave me loads of goodies


  • Thanks Lima :)

  • I love this site nd I checked (couldnt help myself) I am on the Nice List Hurrah.

    Luv and hugs to you Lims xgins

  • May one ask how often have you had the necesity to use your latin phrase - look out girls the cows are coming -

    nan na nanana na na nanana hums badly as she considers cows .. lovely ladies that is what I call them and when they used to be outside all year rather than inside they were always ladies in waiting.

    I suspect my bain is getting fuller and fluffier with fog drat it!


  • That is the problem gins Many a young girl has had to run for her life in a field of cows cos they haven't understood my Latin warning in time..... Why didn't I shout in English? cos I have fibro fog of course and you know how that takes over..... so in times of need my brain just reverts to Latin.


  • Hi VG

    so here's another one for you:

    est nubilosus hodie

    which is latin for it's foggy today!

    (no, I don't speak fluent latin, or really any latin of any kind, so yes, I cheated!)

  • Ah, the old ones are the good ones! Jokes, that is!

  • Love reading these threads, they cheer us all up on a freezing Wintry day, thanks to all! :)

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Q. What did Cinders say when she lost her photos?

    Folks will groan when they hear the punchline and it won't just be pain causing it.

  • So I wonder who is going to put the punch line up!

  • Oh I can,t contain myself much longer

    IF someone doesn't soon I am going to have to.

    VG x

  • Ohhhhhhhh I can't contain myself any longer

    Q what did cinderella say when she lost her photos.......

    A one day my prints will come

    Boom boom

    Does her best basil brush impression


  • Hurrah!

  • I just went to the list and put my daughters name in lol. She never ever listens to us and it said she needs to listen to grown ups a bit more lol. And mine said I need to get to bed on true and hubbys said he needs to pick his things up more often....again so true lol xxxxx

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