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The blog at the end of the world....(again)

Welcome to the end of the world. When Armadillos eat brimstone and fly into the sky to rain fire down on us and then it rains a lot (obviously started a day early then - the Mayans got it wrong!). So party like its 1999 - which was also the end of the world apparently - Hmm!

Anyway my lovely fibromites, I've been a bit slack in not keeping up with this blog due mainly to the brightsparks at work putting me on reception duties and having me making up cardboard folders (repetitive physical work when I'm recovering from a shoulder trauma - you couldn't make it up, give yourself a round of applause LCC) So I told em, I did, that, ouch this hurts - a lot and they suggested I just did a few at a time - that might have worked if the person who headed up the deaf and hearing impaired team was prepared to wait for an extra day or two for them - guess what, they weren't! It took me 3 days to get through to them that me + lots of cardboard foldy things did not make a good relationship. # hurdle no 1

Had the Stage 1 review meeting and even after speaking to a lovely man at ACAS about LCC not counting sickness through disability separately, the HR robot still insisted it was company policy - eh? I tried to explain that Law is greater than policy but they would not budge so yours truly was stitched up like a kipper and put on stage 2 monitoring grr! The union rep tried to argue my case but to no avail when I asked him for any comment after the meeting he replied 'Let battle commence!' think he is actually champing at the bit for someone to take them to tribunal! #hurdle no 2

I really wish I had listened to my friend and stayed off till after Christmas cos I'm totally exhausted :-(

My house looks like a building site! We have had a complete rewiring after discovering the legacy of dodgy electrics left by the previous owner! There have been so many holes drilled into the walls that we could have called it a climbing wall and charged people to use it! Also had some soundproofing installed and the silence now is deafening! The kittens had a lovely time with all the new places to hide and lots of small metal screw shaped cat toys to play with. My ragdoll, Cordy ate the electrician's ham sandwich last week - well I did warn them not to put food down!

Khaleesi also helped herself to some freshly made brownies and then the following morning, Lucien nicked two slices of toast out of my handbag! We do feed them honest! I've found the only thing that distracts them from our food is feeding them chicken wings. This scenario has ended up resembling something like lion feeding at the zoo! I have the scars to prove it!

Had a couple of lessons on Jerry and did really well and yes I was in pain the next day but enjoyed myself so yah, sucks boo and what the bosses don't know won't hurt em! I should point out for any newbies, that Jerry is a pony and this isn't some re-enactment of a scene from 50 Shades of Grey! Speaking of which, one of my Asian friend's at work was reading this on our lunch break, with the book backed in wallpaper so no one knew what she was reading. This reminded me of the time I was reading Secret Diary of a Call Girl on the plane to Amsterdam and I was trying to hide it from the little old lady sat next to me lol!

Foggy moments have included pouring chinchilla food into the cat bowl - doh!

Had a lovely meal at my friend's house in Huddersfield on Saturday. There were 4 of us met up beforehand and took the train, where we were entertained by a group of footie fans dressed in onsies who were full of more than enough Christmas cheer and were singing very loudly! Needless to say we walked down the train to disembark at the other exit! For dinner, the vegie's were fed Sainsbury's, nut roast which have to say was the best one I have ever tasted. Nomnomnomnomnom! I bet there aren't any left on the shelf now though!

Am I ready for the impending festivities (should we survive the armadillo attack) am I heckerslike! I am feeling totally bah humbug about the whole thing cos I'm in pain and there are no trains running on Boxing Day so I have to drive to and from Derby which I am not looking forward to! We have no decorations up apart from one candy cane hung from the kitchen cupboard handle for reason mentioned above. I think if we were to invest in a tree, it would be used as a climbing frame/cat tree/food anyway!

I've taken tomorrow off to watch the armadillos descend from the sky (I'll probably sleep through it anyway) I haven't eaten Magic Mushrooms honest!

I am supposed to be meeting some colleagues for a crimbo nosh tomorrow afternoon, hmm - watch this space!

Happy Christmageddonchanukasolstice - think I've covered all bases there!

Storm xxx

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Why did you have toast in your handbag........ : o

I shall show this to my OH to prove it isn't just me...

VG x


I haven't got beyond the rag doll eating a ham sandwich yet, will have to read this later - brain not computing yet lol! :O

Lovely to get your message though Storm! :)

(((hug))) xxx



hahahha Cordy ate a ham sandwich lmao!!

Good to hear from you chuckles - Happy Solstice! there's no armadillo's here and the world appears to be still turning


End of the world? Tell you what I bet you all £10,000 the world will not end today. If I lose I will send you all a post dated check!! Merry Christmas!! XXXXXXXXXXX


Lol VG I announce the end of the world and you ask why I had toast I'm my handbag :-D simples: we don't have a toaster at work and I need to eat millionaire bread (ie gluten free) so I make toast at home then wrap in tinfoil only I put it in me handbag then went to let the workman in and greedy guts nabbed it! Luckily I had made 4 slices wrapped in 2 packets! I has to ring the workmen to find the remnants of my toast so that Cordy didn't eat the bag I had put it in -she eats plastic!

Technically speaking the apocolyptogeddon is meant to start in America and they are a few hours behind us so it will be the wrong date in England! On a serious note, today is meant to bring about a shift in consciousness. I shifted mine from asleep to wondering where the workmen are to back to sleep to vaguely awake!

I have to get ready to brave town now for crimbo meal

Happy Solstice

Storm x


What? I live in Wisconsin..it's all good over here but you guys

can keep the dark stormy weather to yourselves..we don't want

anymore..we are blanketed in snow..With my luck, I will slip on

the ice covered sidewalks and will surely have s shift in consciousness...

thank you for the heads up..Someone has to go out and clear the

sidewalks...Yep, my friends, I will let you know if anything weird pops

up...Ohio had an earthquake..3.5 ...we never feel or get them where I

live and Ohio is pretty close to me...I wish that the sun would come

out...Quit hogging it all over there.. =D


Fibro has rewired my brain.... I read the whole blog and the only bit that sounded weird to me was the toast in your handbag.... Oh my the end of the world is starting in America .. And will not be happening here till tomorrow......Honestly now I know where the judges on strictly and the x factor get their love of dragging out results......they are all hand picked Mayan descendants now I have insulted two programmes I don't watch and probably a load of Mayan descendants I had better go and hope for the end of the world before a rainforest is demolished by angry people sending me hate letters, re glues the letterbox shut

VG x


Lol hahaha reports conclude that the end of the world did not happen which is a shame cos we would all have got £10,000!

Of course money would be useless and we would all bd trading empty bean cans and bottle caps (according to the Xbox Fall Out 3 and New Vegas(

At least it wasn't a wasted effort buying Xmas pressies - of course I have no idea where I have hidden them all now :-/


Now I'm upset that I've been saving money- popping it into the stock

market..I could have bought a lot of M&Ms to share with everyone

with that money..haha =)


And by the time I read everyines replies I had forgotten what the blog was about. Ah yes, the end of the world. If it had happened I owuld have missed it lol xxxxx


Hours and hours later I still haven't got beyond the rag doll eating the ham sandwich! :O At this rate I will have to get VG to explain it all to me! Heaven help me! lol! ;) :P xxx


It's no good asking me , the only thing I found unusual about the post was storm keeping toast in her handbag....why does no one else think this is strange .... I knew it ,......Gins Christmas jokes have overloaded what brain cells I had left obviously I need to rush out and buy a handbag for toast keeping , I'll see if I can fit in sandra99bs mini with the whales when she come to collect them and get her to drop me off at the shops. Do I need a triangular , rectangular or square shaped handbag, or do I need to buy one of each depending on how I want my toast cut... Oh decisions decisions

flustered VG x


Oh i'm sorry I've befuddled you all. Short version:

Given silly jobs at work that made me go ouch!

Put on stage 2 sickness monitoring cos of my accident grr

I have greedy cats and I take toast to work cos we have no toaster

Home improvement = house looks like building site

End of the world - not!




Winter Solstice

Me exhausted

Bah humbug

Hope this helps lol

Storm x


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