I was expecting a custodial sentence by the end of the tribunal!!!!

I attended my tribunal today(any errors are merely through angre and sheeer exhaustion). It was in a proper courtrom. The room was painted all in cream, nothing else on the walls, and very disorientating for me as bright light hurts my eyes. I took my duaghter with me as I had no one else to take without asking my friend to take a few hours off work. I felt awful dragging her along as she was ill herself. The judge spoke to explain the proceedings and the fact they were indepenndant and told me how hard it no was for claimants to reach the criteria required. I felt awful today, worse than usual, but that could have been due to all this going on. The doctor fired umpteen questions at me, found it very hard to deal with. I would have coped much better had my welfare rights guys not been on holiday. Thus I did not cope at all. But I did feel I answered truthfully and to the best of my ability. After 45 minutes(spent constantly gettin gup and sitting down again) I was told they could not give me a decision as they were running late, so I have no idea how things went. I have to wait for a letter. I keep feeling this is a bad sign, I could be worng. All I know is by the end of it I FELT like a criminal and was waiting for 'We sentence you to....'. I know someone else on here was having a tribunal today and I really do hope it went better than mine. I just cannot remember who the member was, sorry xxx

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  • you are not a criminal but you are fighting for justic .. sorry you had such a bad time

    hope its good news

  • So do I Lexie. They just seemed to make me feel like I had done something wrong. I could be worrying about nothing. All I know now it I am totally worn out and I have to find the energy from somewhere to spend the day with my son tomorrow xx(signing out for now)

  • Well said lexie xx hope you hear soon I am appealing for the support group myself !! so hard to keep in control of your emotions xxx

  • Hi Hun, so sorry to hear about your experience, i really hope you get a positive answer. I won my appeal with 15 points and have been placed in the wrag group. but i didnt get the points i wanted for mobility, i got them for sitting/standing and reaching.

    My tribunal was in Barnsley but it was hard to find and looked nothing like a tribunals court from the outside, very informal and had 2 very nice women who seemed to understand what i was going through but i felt like a liar/fraud talking about myself. I slated the ATOS guy and i think that helped that he was chatting about his dinner etc and he got several things wrong that the dr picked up on without me telling her.

    I really reaaly hope you get a good outcome, i know i couldnt have coped if they'd said we'll write to you

    gentle hugs xxx


  • I am just get around to replying to individual messages on here. And I am glad you got through it. But I was thinking, heres you being honest and saying about walking to nursery and you are penalised for it. And me, through no fault of my own(daughter took ill and mum in laws car went off the road)had no choice but to travel by bus, and they made a huge meal out of that yesterday. But I put them straight, it was a 90 minutes journey, and I did do it on my own BUT everytime the bus stopped and someone got off, I went and took their seat! So I was moving between every stop. Had I not done that I would have been unable to get up to get off the bus had I sat still for that length of time. And I am sorry I forgot that it was you that had the tribunal same day as me. Fibro fog, don't ya just love it? xxxxx Lin

  • hiya Lin, i had to give my car up a little while ago as it was getting to the point i was being dangerous ( couldnt hit brakes as hard i should be, keep going blind in my left eye, usual aches and pains from sitting too long) i had to catch bus into town (10 min journey, then a 2 min taxi ride to tribunal) so am lucky that i live so close to where my appeal was held, but i was still limping when i got there and in absolute agony. Am now in a horrendous flare up, havent slept can barely walk and am all on just to make food/drinks for me and my girl. I did sit and think after i got home that i was penalised over the walking bit cos i did tell them that once i get home i have to lie down, dose up on medication (and normally fall asleep) and rest before i have to go pick her up 5 hrs later.

    I tend to laugh about my fibro fog now cos if i didnt i'd cry so dont worry about it xxxx

    hope you get the positive result you need and deserve hun

    hugs xxxx sarah

  • Everything is crossed for you.

    Piggle hugs xxxxxx

  • Thakyou Piggle xxxxx

  • I am so glad you won your appeal. I am just feeling so deflated after it all. Does that mean youwill have to find work if you are in the WRAG. I was hoping to hear you had gotten into the Support group instead. But I think Iwould have rather had my answer today. Will sign off now and update you as soon as I hear anything xx

  • I am not too sure what happens now until i goto a work interview at the job centre


  • hi ozzygirl, I'm sorry they gave you such a hard time. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.



  • Thankyou so much Sandra, but watch you do not cause too much pain in those crossed fingers. I do not want to be responsible for anyone hurting on here. xxxxx Lin

  • They had no right to make you feel like that! Some folks let power go to their heads and do it at the expense of decent people like you. It makes me very cross. I will keep everything crossed for you hoping that you have the positive outcome that you deserve. Good luck and keep us posted. Jane x

  • It annoyed me as the judge spent 5 minutes explaining things and how they were completely independant of the DWP. And I felt like I was back at the ATOS medicla but minus any physical examination. My heart goes out to all fibro sufferers alike. Strsss does us no good whatsoever.

  • Sandra & Ladygreen, thankyou so much for you kind words, most appreciated xxxxx

  • hi so so sorry and all this talk about it just makes me feel worse for mine next week.i have enough going on in my life without all this rubbish as well.all very best of good luck and im sure it will come with good news .fingers crossed you did your best and thats all you can do hey?tell the truth and pray it works out.


  • Oh Sammy, I am so sorry if I have made you more worried, that honestly was not my intention, so so sorry(I could kick myself right now). I know lots of people who have had good tribunals with good outcomes, I must have just gotten the short straw. Or maybe the judge and doctor had run out of coffee. I wish you so much luck for next week hun xxxxx Lin

  • What a horrid experience - I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it all comes out properly and you get the points required.

    What traumas they put us through still it is over now rest while you wait to hear - x gins

  • Thans Gins, I will be on pins until the letter drops through the door. I just wish these people would read up on Fibro and understand better than they do. They obviously are more than oblivious to the fact that stress like this actually makes our symptoms worse! xxxxx Lin

  • so sorry to hear it went as awful as my one did 2 months ago but hope yours will get a good outcome good luckxxxx

  • Not sure if you are saying you had bad experience and a bad outcome, if that sucks. If just the bad experience then that sucks too hun xxxxx Lin

  • Really feel for you ozzy and hope you get the right outcome. I have my dla appeal again next week and its been going on 2 yrs. Last appeal overturn and I have to go through it again when in last appeal they called me a liar. I have fibro, raynauds, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. on bad days I cannot stand, walk or even use my hands but they say I am ok. Hate to use abbreviations but LOL! They picked on wrong one when they called me a liar. As a cripple laid in bed in chronic pain and freezing I have nothing else to do than fight these people. I also looking forward to the holiday I am going to treat myself to when they stop treating me like a lying criminal and give me the money I am entitled to.

    Good luck and I will think of you this week. sending love and positive energy. x

  • Love and positive energy greatly recieved. I know how you feel being made to feel you are lying through your teeth. But the people that really matter are family, medical professionals and anyone representing you in your fight against it. I wish you so much luck at your DLA appeal and I will watch out for an up date xxxxx Lin

  • Ive just wrote to DLA about an appeal, I'm dreading it, but I don't know how some people get it, and yet a lot of us on here are fighting for it, made out to be frauds etc and I feel they just say no to make examples out of us like were begging, well I can tell you something now I know several people who get high rate on both care and mobility and have same as me I will be mentioning their names and asking why them and not me, and if it means me dobbing them in then so be it. I ve never been a bitter spiteful person, but in my eyes what is good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander.

  • I wish you luck in that ith the DLA. I myself get middle mobility and low care(I think) and I have had that for about 19 years, it was eventually given to me indefinitely. But I do not know how I will fare when they change it to PIP as apparently it is going to be even harder to qualify, but I for one won't give in. I think they are given targets that are disproportionate and inevitably people who really need these payments will be left without, and this is so wrong. Keep us posted xxxxx Lin

  • I always told my children if you want an instant desicion its no now go away yes takes a littke longer hang onto that thought hugs petal

  • Thankyou, I usppose they say no news is good news. And nothing in the post today, so maybe tomorrow. Who knows but I refuse to open the post in case of bad news. Myhubby is a bit of a joker, but I know he won't wind me up on something like this as it is too importnat. I know today I have felt really ill and my pain levels are through the roof, as are my balance problems. Need time to chill. Gentle hugs to you and all other members xxxxx Lin

  • Really hope you get a good outcome on this Lin and very sorry to hear you had such a tough time at the tribunal. Let us know how it all goes.xx

  • just posted new blog about it hun xxxxx

  • ditto.

    Mine was a sham.

    I suggest you ask for a written copy of the record of proceedings and if you are unhappy with their result go to welfare rights.

    I was in tribunal 2 hours and was sick on way there and way home.

    Its bad for our health and they do not seem impartial at all if you are on the end of their firing line!

    Keep your strength up and fight them, fight them for justice.

    Kind thoughts NN :)

  • It makes me so blooming mad that they do this to people. I do hope you get your claim and feel so sorry you have had to go through this at all. hugs x

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