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just a moan from one very tired tinkerbell

Having not been to good all week ,i ended up at A and E with my son who was being sick ,running a high temp and bloodpressure , called abulance to him , ended up he going to a ward at 3;30 am this morning , had to drive home shatterd ,hurting with fibr0 , then had to go back at 10.30am to see if can come home . but more blood tests ,hanging about in hospital ,with being tired ,ankle swollen , flairup didnt help, got discharged with doc but had to wait another 2 hrs for letter ,

eventley drove home in pouring rain ,dark , at 4.30pm .

so bed early for me and have tea , son getting paricentmal then he can go to bed early to ,

went to housing again still no joy of getting my flat done yet ,so will have to unpack some stuff for xmas ,

all have a good evening

gental hugs

tinkerbell ,

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hi tinkerbell what an eventful night and day, did they say " its a virus " ? hopefully you will both have a decent nights sleep and wake up ready to spend xmas together ,

warm hugs xx


Busy 24 hours then hun, no wonder you are hurting. I had that recently with my daughter, too much to go into detail. But she has had nothing but problems since Sept 21st. UTIs, distended bladder, body soaking up the toxins, very ill. Can no longer pee and now today has got another UTI and on more antibiotics, she is averaging an infection every ten days or so. We are run ragged right now so I know exactly how you feel xxxxx


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