Just so tired

Omg i am just so tired today, had a busy day yesterday, and then had a cake to decorate last night, did not finish that until, 10 30 pm. could not wind down so stayed up until about midnight reading, went to bed could not settle yet again, fell asleep and woke at 2 30 am then again at 5 and got up at 6 am, Have to go out later this morning to an award presentation, (community involvement) have to give a short speech, just hope the fibro fog does not kick in. On top of that i am in pain and ache so much.

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  • Sorry to hear you are in pain, know what it's like to lose sleep, I only ever get about three hours, hope your presentation goes off without a Hitch, good luck,...sending gentle hugs to you....Dee x

  • Oh golly Linda, it sounds like a pretty rough 24 hours.... AMA ending lots of positive healing vibes your way, and hope that the award ceremony goes well for you. When you get home, rest up and take it very easy :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hope the award ceremony went well, linda, & the fibro fog kept away? Hopefully you'll be able to rest up for the rest of the day now? I'm going to be on my settee soon watching day time tv, if you'd care to join me? I have enough room on my fluffied settee thanks to zeb's fluffs & we can just lie back & do nothing, just relaxing & letting the pain meds kick in. Day time tv is so soothing, I'm sure we will soon be snoozing nicely.

    Big, Gentle, Hugs,

    Julie xxx

  • Ooh,can I join you? I do love relaxing with zebs fluffies and watching some t.v as well as a nice cuppa and some choccy :)

  • me too :D I've got more fluffies :)

  • Well that went ok, first time i have given a speech and in front of so many people. But it was ok, Now at home taking it easy, nothing else to do until tomorrow, have my 2yr grandaughter in the afternoon.

  • I'm pleased it went well for you, don't forget the spoons and don't forget to reward yourself for your achievements

    xxx zeb xxx fluffies for comfort and healing on route :)

  • That's great news linda. So pleased for you. Hope you & granddaughter had a great afternoon - hope she didn't wear you out? My great nephew has just turned two & he's very active - absolutely loves playing with mobile phones & ipads!

    Julie xxx

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