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Just received my Christmas card from my OH

Now you can all see how I suffer ... My OH returned home with my christmas card... It said to my wife who is a real cracker .... Except he had crossed out the word cracker and written candle destroyer........ Looks across the forum for mrs Beaton ... Any words of wisdom from your almanac for punishing OH ..... My son lit the candle today and I am under strict instructions not to touch it.....


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I won't hear a word said against your OH! I love his humour. I would, however, make him eat sprouts! [aldante not mushy, tip 6]

mrsb x

aka sandra :P


Thank you mrs B... He hates sprouts ... A most suitable punishment



Well I cannot punish my hubby with sprouts as he loves them. I had my card off hubby the other day and I just had to ask him if he had fibro, or any signs of fibro fog. Why? He had not filled it in! xxxxx


hahahlove the comments lol ohh mine is too mushy! hehe nothing better than humour to fill our litle worlds .

xxx no candles VG - VG@falling on them tut tut x i got a few lit although i cracked a glass holder and tried glueingtoday and nearly stuck my hands to both the vase and work top lol x


And they say romance isn't dead lol! :P ;)

Your OH sounds wonderful, he just rolls with the tide of VG's calamities! Bless him!

(((hug))) xxx



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