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20th nearly there guys on the calendar today we have

Wee willy winky's night light the one with the guttering candle thaT SPLASHES WAX EVERY WHERE Have had about wax splashing recently... Maybe just maybe VG shoud not have been playing with wee willy's candle.........mind boggles

What do you give a train driver for Christmas? please add your suggestions no later than 4pm after which time I will pop the answer on.

they sillyer folks but we are nearly at the day....................... xgins

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LOOks Shocked, :o

It. I have not have been playing with wee willy winkles candle he would never have managed to run about with one the size of mine........;)

Plus he ran upstairs and down... I cannot run anywhere but I suppose I could have hidden under the stairs and grabbed him as he came down.

My advent calendar had another wise man.... I think he was carrying myrrh I know myrrh is quite bitter smelling and he didn't look very happy... Only you Gins could have a candle the day after I nearly kill myself with one.... Go and vacuum the pine needles LIbs left in your boot...

What do you give a train driver for Christmas.....

A) a lump of coal if he's been bad and drives a steam train

B) Lines

C) points

D) free hot leg wax from me

Waits impatiently for 4pm



Lol, leave Wee Willie Winkie's candles alone VG, control yourself lol! :O :P


A new set of rails so he can go somewhere new.

My Daughter has Homer simpson advent calendar i never get chance to peek before eating as she is there 1st it be funny if opened them with little barts bum showing like we see hehe.

Other daughter has spongebob (has lots of things @22)

Wee willy winky likes to run around the town and share his candle by all accounts ;-)

Well thats me up off and away ( not out of bed yet ) late i shall bee xxxxxxxxxx


I've just witnessed a Christmas miracle through mrs Beaton aka sandra99b my top and jeans copiously covered in candle wax are now spotless... If you want to consult the oracle please personal message me and for a small fee , ie mince pie or sausage roll I will ask your question for you..... No no no you can't just ask her yourself... If you do that I don't get any Christmas goodies.... Ahhh well I tried... Returns to her small spot on the forum with begging bowl

VG x


I'll tell for a sossy roll andhalf a mince pie! mrs b


Can I have the other half of mince pie as my commission

Loks hopeful :-/



ok it is Christmas after all.


there's a prog on BBC1 @ 3.30 about the cow who nearly missed Christmas - is it the one from your advent calendar?



Making 100 sausage rolls tomorrow folks, so watch VG isn't up to mischief while I'm baking! I will be around once I've finished though! ;) :P

(((hug))) xxx



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