Oh my couldn't stand on a chair if I wanted to!

A small invader has just been seen crossing my daughters bedroom from right to left. Sigh - I know it is the season for our four legged friends and in the country we often find them skipping about. Oh Mouse why my House Next step find a trap and up stairs to set it and then wait Ugh I hate it.................. x gins

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  • Oh no you poor thing! I have a phobia about mice last time I got one I moved out of the house until it was caught and thankfully it didnt bring any mates with it. Hope you catch it soon and remember its more frightened of you than you are of it-so people tell me! Take care Sue

  • I have problems standing on my feet most days, let alone a chair!!! Do you not have a friendly male neighbour who might come and help? That's usually my answer to things like that when living alone. Good Luck xxx

  • Arrrhh poor little thing, yes I'd change my tune if it was in my house though!

    Good luck with exterminating Mickey

    Julie xx

  • Oh god I hate those things, scare me to death, Luckily it was only the one and was popping in for food and hadnt nested!!! Good Luck in catching it gins, willow xxxx

  • the best bait is chocolate. I wish I knew of a better way to remove them.

  • Oh Sandra's just reminded me of a foolproof way of getting rid of them - put some chocolate pieces into a clean dry milk bottle, and lay it on its side wherever the mouse is most likely to be. Once it gets into the bottle, it is trapped, can't get back out. I've not tried it myself, but am told it does work.

  • That is a good idea except we do not have milk bottles here in the North! lol Back to the old fashioned trap I am afraid. x gins

  • Hi Gins - I would suggest to you that you get a cat, but I have two cats and they bring home creatures all the time from mice, voles, birds, bats and a couple of months ago even a rabbit. Maybe you should stick the trap!!!!

  • Peanut butter never fails as bait, either a dollop on its own or spread on a little bit of bread.

  • Hope you get rid of your squatter soon. Would not recommend a cat as they have been known to bring in presents including mice and frogs.

    My gran who was much fitter in her 70s than I was in my 30s climb on a chair and then could not get down. Was stuck up there for 2 hours until a neighbour heard her cries. Once she got down she thought it as hilarious.

  • What we used to do for rabbits is a piece of lettuce on a brick, sprinkle with pepper. The rabbit eats the lettuce, sneezes on the pepper and knocks itself out on the brick. Hey presto. :P

  • morning badg why have we gone back two years i nearly missed this wonderful bit of twit xxgins

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