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Could we share our christmas day menus please

We have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for brekki with a glass of Bucks fizz

after which it goes rapidly down hill to lunch time when the Blessed Bronze Bird takes pride of place with all the trimmings and the rest sprouts done with pancetta and nuts. glased carrots roasties gravy, sauces etc.

I used to make an ice cream bomb lush havent made one for last few years dont know why it is easy make ahead of time and freeze till an hour before serving.

Large quantities of champagne red whine baileys etc then coffee sweets till supper time

Coleslaw and eat ups oh yum Is any one having goose? never tried it myself,

Apparently going to make mince pies today.............xgins

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We have bacon sandwiches and a brew at breakfast, Xmas dinner we're having prawn cocktail in portobello mushrooms :)

Then a lovely beef roast for me with honey roast parsnips mmm

Dessert is mint choc ice cream Xmas trees yum yum

All washed down with a bottle of Chablis ( all mine lol) I don't do sharing!

Then after dinner when the kids go to their boyfriends/girlfriends I'm going to propose to my wonderful man, Paul (shhhhh) got a ring for him and everything lets hope he says yes or the rest of the day might be a bit quiet hehe x Leese x


that sounds delich. Good luck with the proposal xgins


Thanks will let you know :) x


Hi gins we do Christmas very low key, I will have my usual porridge and son and OH will dive into Christmas chocs......shudders

ususal Christmas dinner minus sprouts... We all hate them roast parsnips instead... Christmas pudding and cream for me and my son. Treacle sponge and custard for my other half, and then later turkey sandwiches Christmas cake and nibbles....

I think it's going to be even lower key than usual this year, my sons just doing a countdown to his new guitar not Christmas

Have a lovely day everyone



Our menu sounds very similar to yours starting with smoked salmon, English muffins, scrambled eggs, bacon and mushrooms and then onto the turkey with all the trimmings. I'll be taking it easy on the booze this year though as have had to resort to using a butrans patch.. I'd rather be pain free than drunk though


my menu for the day

egg bacon sausage and toast for breakfast which i drive to dads and have with him

later my dad and brother come to my house

melon boats with glazed cherrys

Roast beef, roast potatoes, mashed potato, sprouts, carrots and gravy

xmas pud and white sauce

this year cannot peel so my next door neighbour is going to peel all my veg for me

pick at crisps and nuts during afternoon then a long sleep

Merry chrustmas everyone

belinda xx


Myself I don't eat breakfast (!), but have got the bucks fizz ready. Then it'll be the turkey, beef for my daughter, carrot n swede mash, roast and mash potato, sprouts and honeyed parsnips for me, gravy, stuffing, pigs in blankets and Yorkshire puds for daughter, then chocolate gateau as none of us like Christmas pudding!! New addition to the family this year will be my 4 month old grandson, Rhys! My little treasure!! He'll be having the same as us, all blended of course!! Merry Christmas everyone !!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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