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Anybody lonely on Christmas day Middleton Manchester uk

just watching text a santa poor lady brought tears to my eyes lost her husband of 56 years then her daughter with cancer shes alone now she was saying how she carries this fog around her shoulders ever since & presses her phone messages to see if she has any messages & just to to hear a voice no messages of course coz she has no one it upset me so much so i just want to say if anybody lives in this area i would come round to see them & bring them Christmas dinner to say hello an spend some time with them or just to say merry Christmas there is always somebody whose lonely xxxxxxxxx

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what a lovely thing to say chicme! such a kind offer.

but be careful, there are some people who "snoop" here, without fibro, and I wouldn't want you taking a risk.

are there any neighbours who might need a cheery hello?

I found that story very moving too, Once or twice, in the past,I called my phonebank and listened to all my transactions, just to hear another voice and then the chance to say "next"!




thank you for your message but i wouldn't be doing anythingy wrong for the snoops to complain about as my son is a chef will be doing the cooking an has a car so would come with an take me. an if people like that have nothing better to do then god help em !! they can take everything away from us but not our kindness to help even one poor person that is sitting alone on Christmas day. i hope you have someone with you on the day because that would be awfu for you


what a lovely thing to do if the world was made up of more people like you what a wonderful world we would have....god bless you and your son......x


thanks love xx


I never meant you honey, I meant the kind of people who might put your personal safety at risk. You both sound like lovely people and thankyou,


sandra x


It is really sad- I tried to volunteer at a charity to go and spend some time with older people but I was turned away because the lady who ran it wanted me to meet with her once a month early in the morning when I would have been at work and unfortunately I just couldn't take that time - I asked her if I could meet her at her convenience later in the day or at weekends but she said no. I understand in a way that we have processes etc but I think maybe I could have helped one or two people be less lonely ...

It's a bit like the song Eleanor Rigby- a beetles classic but I have to say I do rather like this version by Ray Charles- what a legend!

I think from time to time we are all rather lonely irrespective of age or marital status but if we could all spare a little time and consideration wouldn't it just be a wonderful world...



What a lovely thing to say, it's a pity more people did'nt think of others at this time of year is'nt it, it's so sad to think of people spending the whole day on their own, hope you have a lovely Xmas Chicme :-)


Thank you merry xmas xx


wish u lived closer, wat a nice thote, i am alone and av just lost my best friend funeral is 27th , he died of cancer, and was my rock as i av cancer , and fibro and only he understood my fibro these last 8yrs, for him i will cope as best i can , but xmas is just one day i hope for a better 2013 for everyone love and thanku for being a kind caring human being restores my beleif in people xxx


oh sweetheart i wished you lived nearby as well i feel for you i really do i wish i could help you but if you come on here we will all get you though this sad time i really know what its like to be alone an very sad if all the world was like it was on here we would all feel better im sure be thinking about you loads on that very sad day an all be waiting for you if you need us dont forget that loads of hugs you are not alone xxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you Chicme, we were watching Text Santa and saw the lady you mention in your post. We were so touched by her story that we donated £5, a very worthy cause and a heartbreaking story. There are so many people out there who will be alone with just their memories this Christmas and New Year.

If we have family, we are very blessed.

Your message was lovely and your offer so generous. You deserve a good Christmas!

Bless you!

(((hug))) xxx



thanks libs yes i donated but just wanted to put my arms around her an tell her she is not alone so sad xx


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