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Tuesday Today 17th December Glitterati I call you all to start looking for a little bit of CHRISTMAS yes we are nearly there folks -----

********Jingle bells oh on the first day oops On the sixth day of Christmas my true love brought to me Six swans a swimming five golden rings two turtle doves and a Partridge in a Pear tree. It gets you singing doesn't it? :D

What does the Queen call her Christmas Broadcast

"The One Show"

How do elves get to wok

By Icicle!! LOL oh that was groan worthy!

You know it was so windy the other day that one of our hens laid the same egg six times!

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Ok, so as not to appear humbugish, my contributions to the Christmas merriment (groanfest, whoops ;-) ) :D

Why did no-one bid for Rudolph and Blitzen on eBay? .........

Because they were two deer. Eeeeekkkk

What operating system do Advent calendars use? .........

Windows 24. tra la !!!

Foggy x


groaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan hahahah ;)


Good morning foggy and gins,where do you get these jokes from lol?How are you both fairing now?Have you got all your pressies yet?Iam not in the festive spirit physically but mentally yes Iam excited for my kids xxx


Morning gins xx

grooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan those were terrible ;)

Anyhoo! how are you? xxx


I is fine twit ter woo how are you? xxgins


Getting there but soooooooooooo fatigued :o

I just fall asleep without warning.......... wake up with glasses skew whiff on my face, a stiff neck and the laptop still on my lap about 4 times a day hehehe!!!

I've lived with chronic pain spanning 20yrs and have learned how to ignore most of it but this time its been different and awkward as it won't do as its told ;) different type of pain :o new to me hence the tests and the docs so much. Maybe it was just a virus that didn't show up in my last test :)

Anyhoo! its too depressing isn't it? Must boing myself out of the fatigue because at this rate I'll sleep right through Christmas hahahahahah!

xxx sian


I keep doing that too we could be book ends! Sorry it is bad for you at moment. I hope you get it sorted soon,

I am completely out of anything at the moment still never mind someone else has to do things for me, my upper thoracic went with a bang on Sunday so I am not very good to be with at the moment - it is easier than it was but a way to go. The extra meds are nock out :) Lets move on and get some grinning going around here . :D


Okay my turn for groooooooooooooooooooan jokes

What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas?


Mary and Joseph - now they had a stable relationship. –

A Christmas Fairy

A fairy has a hard time,

Up where the tinsel flickers;

A wand of gold stuck in her hand,

A fir tree up her knickers!



I'm trying to find the Christmas spirit as it's sadly lacking here atm, so thought I'd have a couple of corny jokes to help things along ;-)

GP Barry won in our game of darts yesterday and scores a bullseye on my right shoulder, much needed but oh my word !!

I'm off to stay at a friends house tomorrow, until after New Year, she is going to the Caribbean and doesn't like leaving her house without anyone there as it is a bit grand. So I'm there, hopefully with wi-fi, but last time the speed was like dial up :o

Oh and I saw dear Oscar yesterday! he is better though looks very pale! his back is hurting a lot from where they did the lumbar puncture, but he is definitely on the up........what a relief and thank you to everyone for your good wishes, it was a very worrying time!!

Catch you soon :-)

Foggy x


(((((Foggy))))) xxx


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