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Just to say thankyou to my mum and dad they have made my hall look lush just carpet coming tommorrow and all done it looks gorgeous and has cheered me up no end it is so light airy and modern , i am very lucky to have such caring people around me . I hope you all have people around you that make your life more comfortable and help to make your life easier it does make all the difference when you have a good support network , and that incudes all of you on here who keep me going and make me laugh and make me realise how lucky i am so big love and soft hugs to you all Diddle x and have a lovely day xxxxx

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thankyou bless your heart you take care will let you know what happens later today love to you diddle x


Thankds it means alot all your comments have nice day at work and you have made me :) :) love to you Diddle x


Chin up (if if doesn't hurt too much) suggested in a reply to your last the bank...they can be accommodating when they want to be!

i agree that a strong and loving support network is vital..but sounds like you keep an awful lot bottled in from your parents and daughter. Let them know how you're feeling cos they'd be devastated to know that you're suffering in silence. If the positions were reversed you'd be the first to offer them the love and support so let them do it for you!

Hope you mange to get to your daughter's...have a lovely day with the little ones. xx


You got me sussed !!!!!! bless ya thankyou for your kind words anfd being there love to you diddle x


enjoy your new-look home. xxxx


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