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Morning new week lets all try hard to be positive this is usually a lovely week of the year

this year snow cold. But it looks lovely from inside the birds are singing and spring is coming.

I have some minature daffs in bloom amongst the frost they are beautiful. Yesterday I made an easter tree. A branch covered in pretty little eggs and bows. Fresh Spring like soon the clocks change and then it will be warm again!

Get well soon VG sorry you have the bug just dont send it to us :) xgins

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Hi Gins still in bed so i will not send it to you but.... Although we dont have snow we have a biting wind .. But the most lovely thing.. There is a tiny gap in the double glazing sofit ...or some such thing .. Just big enough for a tiny bird to get in ..last year they made a nest and lying in bed I could here the pitter patter of tiny feet and then the lovely chirping of the babies... This year they are back ... My oh was going o block it off last year when they had gone but he said its not damaging to the house so we left it and its so lovely to hear them back again

VG x


that sounds so lovely and relaxing take care xgins


I've got the bug too! Am full of it. Am camped out on the sofa. This weather is just uurrgghhh. Gins I have an Easter tree too. Dropped my son off for his raf cadet Easter camp trip,he is off to the new forest for 5 days in this cold! I've got the week just with my daughter which will be nice. Keep warm everyone!xxx


bad luck with the bug hope you feel better quickly. I love easter trees when I had the shop I used to sell lots of pretties for them now I make my own I had to go and but bits :) xxgins


Sorry to hear you are all poorly, I so far am ok famous last words eh it'll be my turn next, we used to have house martins just above our bedroom window, till some idiot from council destroyed the nest when cleaning out the gutters one year, they ain't been back that was about 15 or so years ago, I guess word got out among the bird community that it aint safe around our house.

We got a good foot an a half of snow in our front garden and that's not in the drifts so all my snow drops and mini daffs is buried brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I is the proverbial hibernating bear I growls when disturbed, hope your alll feeling better soon gentle hugs Sithy


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