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Just got the letter to say my DLA has been renewed - good, great.

Then I got a letter saying my income support had changed by 0p as my DLA had changed by 0p.

Then I got a letter saying as my income support had changed by 0p my housing benefit had changed by 0p.

Same letter from Council tax.

Then a fifth letter saying that as there was a change of 0p to my housing benefit I had to fill in a form declaring that I lived alone or now had someone living with me.

All letters came with several further sheets so that I could complain if I wanted to challenge the decision.

Welcome to the paperless, eco society. Not.

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I know where your coming from. I get the same letters. They tell us we have to be green and all that but government wants us all to drown in useless bit of paper


if you were to save all those 0p's up you would have,,,, [thinks] 0p to spend frivios, friveous, frivus, WILDLY!



I think you mean frivolously Sandra lol. Oh that made me giggle. But I know about all these letters we get. I got one from income support asking for my daughters details as I had informed them she was living here, I hadn't by the way, it is already on record. I filled it in and sent it back. Now on this form you have to put what they live on if they are not working. If her nae is on my file why did they not just check the file????? A week later I got exactly the same letter again lol fromthe same office. I think the government offices waste more paper than we ever will, they prove that with the thick forms they ask us to fill in xxxxx


few weeks ago I got one from income support asking for my copy of my possport


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