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DLA success!

DLA success!

Helllo, everyone, haven't posted for a while, too tired, too painful etc etc. Good news though, had to re-apply for DLA (middle rate) and higher mobility; after all the horror stories I really did not look forward to the battle, not to mention the financial implications. Sent off my forms and success!! they awarded another 2 years without calling me in for any 'chat' or assessment of any kind.

So there is light at the end of this particular tunnel, just keep trying, keep bashing away. After all, the mentality is if you give up trying for DLA you weren't ill enough to need it!

Just typing this is a trial. After years of being a fast touch typist and an analyst programmer typing in my code, to fumble around on a keyboard, correcting every other word like I do, is such a pain. In many ways.

Trying to get up the impetus to do the bulk of my Christmas present buying, too tired, too painful etc etc., let alone get enthusiastic about partying!

In case we don't speak before, have a great Christmas, just ignore the symptoms for a couple of days and collapse on the 27th!! Merry Yuletide

Kate x

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Nice one,,,, great news

VG x


Great News have a good crimbo....Be safe,and hopefully enjoy!!

Rainbow Dancer x <3


well done katy! I love good news thankyou for sharing. you can relax now.



[did you use the benefits & work info? I did.]


ohh that is Great News! i wont give up hope as like you too i always been the one to control the finances and organise everything and i am fast Touch typist too and now i have to constantly correct or stop for a little bit as it hurts quite a lot and to stop writing apart signature signing and odd cards i have written which hurts a lot (frustrating and upsetting and you keep saying its just alittle phase it will go away)

to be a dancing queen and always wanting to be a Choreographer -no idea now how to spell eeek.. i lost all sense of where my paragraphs, commers etc should be these days.

i wanted to fill in DLA online as i cannot write the forms but only gives option to download and print and send off as my last lot are now outdated ..we just do not seem to get round to it.

Wishing you a peaceful and hopefully not too painful christmas

lost of christmas wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


That really is good news and I am so happy to hear it. I have heard tell that the proposed changes may not take place until late 2015, so maybe a few more claimants will be successful like you(Have a great Xmas and New Year) xxxxx


Well done! i've just been awarded DLA for the first time and already panicing for the renewal in 2 years time!! They owe me a whole years back pay because that's how long it has taken to agree DLA.

Anyway great to hear that people are becoming successful with Fibromyalgia without having to go through tribunal the 2nd time around.

One question, did you have to complete the entire form as if you have never filled one in before, hope not its like an annual book???


Afraid so, I reached the point where I have standard sentences to write, slightly rearranged each time; how many times can you say I'm ill, I hurt, I'm deathly tired, 24 hrs a day? I made a resolution last January to insist on seeing as many consultants as possible, rheumatology, immunology etc and ended up with a string of professional opinions stating that I definitely had Fibro/ME/CFS and was suffering quite badly as a result. Gave me a string of names to add to my form!!


Well done. I bet you're dead pleased and glad it's all over. I lost my tribunal last year after appealing It was just a pack of lies from the tribunal and my GP. This year I re-applied but wasn't awarded a single point.I didn't go through the process of appealing. I filled in my own forms and told the truth.


After I lost my first tribunal, I went to a specialist charity who talked me through filling in the forms, and I got it. There are quite a few charities/ help agencies spread over the country, you just need to find the one near you.

Good luck x


Thanks for all your best wishes, I just hope you have the same success xxx


Hi Katybird

I went to a disability shop the first time and they filled in the forms asking me questions and ever since I went back to them. But last time I went a volunteer filled in the DLA application form and it was a real mess. Put the wrong answers in and I had to do it again myself.Took me ages. I kind of lost faith in them since then.

Hope you have a good Xmas and a Happy and healthy New year.


i had someone from the works and pensions department come to 'help; with mine. what a joke. was here for 25 mins, stated she had never done DLA before only attendance allowance!! she then took the form and said she would write a report!!! got it turned down. asked for copy of form and her report and drs report! she had put one word answers and ticked boxes!! dr also wrote nothing apart from conditions and tabs and nothing else. they are wanting a report from my daughter and they will re look at it. going to redo as i have changed to another dr in the practise who wanted to sign me off work if i was working and daughter can help do form ect.


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