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Any Advice??? DLA!

Im having an absolute nightmare regarding the Dla and my GP regarding my fibromyalgia:( they dont seem to take it serious at my surgery and dont seem to understand that alot of the time I cannot get out my bed nevermind get up and walk 15 mins for an able bodied person to the surgery, Ive been refused DLA now three times, which is ridiculous and now to add to the mix my five year old son has been diagnosed as having very severe adhd, odd, conduct disorder and defiance disorder:(( I can barely get about myself and the past 2 years has been horrendous for me trying to run after my son who is off the scale, I desparately need the mobility aspect of the dla so I can get my son to and from school, but despite me filling in forms for both myself and my son and giving all relevant parties who are involved with us the dla seem hell bent on not contacting the people that to me matter most all they want to do is contact the GP who is useless, I dont know what to do I cant afford to hire cabs for all the hospital appointments for us both and now my daughter who has severe mental health issues has appointments too:( Im depressed feel at my wits end and feel Im not getting the main help and support I need:(( the occupational therapist has been great regarding aids and the likes but other than that the GP surgery is a joke:((

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Hi Gillybabes,

I do feel sorry for your predicament - you obviously need some help fairly quickly. I wonder if you might find it worth while contacting Social Services? They are quite helpful to parents who are having problems managing at home, and your son and daughter might be entitled to some mobility funding of their own.

You might get further with DLA if your GP refers you to a consultant - perhaps you should ask him to send you for a rheumatology consultation.

Have a look at our site for information about what is current, and our admin staff will send you info on benefits.

Hope this helps.

Best Wishes ... Moffy x


It is awlays harder if you do not have a GP onside. I am lucky that I do have a GP onside to back me up as we go along. I would seriously think about using CAB, but then again unless your GP comes up with the goods, that may not be much use either. I know what is like having your own ill health and trying to care for children with ill health too. I have been there and I am still there. I wish you luck and I do think if I was in your position I would consider going to another surgery, getting a new GP xxxxx


Hello again, gilly,

Some more info for you - see links below!

Or you can email for information at:

I do hope you manage to find the help you need. I think as Ozzy says, you might think about changing your GP. Remember we're always here for you if we can help in any way.

Love Moffy x


my situation is almost the same as yours. my gp is unwilling to support my claim for dla even though i have tried to explain how all my conditions affect me, several times. makes me feel like a liar. it is so frustrating and it just adds to the anxiety. All i can say is keep trying and go to appeal, the cab will help you and theres plenty of good advice on this site. Hope everything turns out ok for you...

best wishes..nannyjenno


Ladymoth is quite right if you have a referral to a Rheumatology consultant he/she will diagnose( or not ) you with fibro. My consultant writes to my gp ( copy to myself) with his qualified opinion . I have a very supportive GP but if you have in black and white a description of your problems and treatment I wouldnt think any GP would dare argue. PIP is coming as we are all aware and i believe the golden distance talked about will be 20 m I suspect many folks will loose DLA/PIP mobility component then Im afraid x


Yes, the DWP have changed the goalposts and sneaked in a change of distance from 50m down to 20m to get the Enhanced Rate of PIP. However, after pressure from campaign groups and at the recent Work & Pensions Select Committee the words "repeatedly, reliably, safely & in a timely fashion" have been put back into the legislation for the Descriptors. The DWP had tried to get off with putting them into the Guidance Handbook for Assessors instead which would've meant they wouldn't have had any legal standing if it came to an appeal.

Those few words mean an awful lot to those who have fluctuating conditions like Fibro in that it increases your chances of getting some sort of payment for mobility and/or care component of PIP.

Those already in receipt of indefinite or lifetime will find out in 2015 that PIP will start to affect them too. They've postponed dealing with those awards until after next General Election, can't help wonder why!

What I really struggle to understand is why on earth did the DWP give contracts to ATOS for carrying out PIP assessments. There has been so much adverse publicity over ESA including MPs of all parties seeing the harm that ATOS' actions are doing to their constituents and all the public distrust (even the British Medical Association want WCAs stopped immediately) that it totally beggars all belief!


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