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The revenge of the 'Musical Fruit'

I love fruit and veg and eat HUGE quantities. My stomach is completely immune to fruit - I eat rhubarb, pears, plums - you name it and my insides thrive on it. In fact, if I don't have all this roughage I get IBS.

Well, two days ago I bought a can of prunes - normally I cook my own, but I fancied a quick dessert. They were delicious, and I finished the whole can, (greedy Moffy!)

48 hours later, though feeling perfectly well, I am still a little nervous about leaving the house, and am probably a stone lighter - well, not quite, but you know what I mean!

I don't know what they put in those canned prunes, but I thought I would tell you this cautionary tale in case anyone suffers with severe constipation - just pop off to the shops for a can of 'Musical Fruit'!

On the other hand, should diarrhoea be your problem - JUST DON'T GO THERE!!!

Yours in haste ... Moffy x

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Lol! Sorry Moffy don't mean to giggle! We used cans of prunes when I worked in a nursing home, instant constipation cure. The syrup works wonders as you have found to your cost! Even the residents who couldn't chew the prunes just had the syrup mixed into something, worked a treat!

Forget Syrup of Figs, liquid paraffin (ewwww had this as a child!) or castor oil, buy yourself a tin of prunes in syrup! Works every time!

Hope you're safe to leave home soon Moffy! No more tinned prunes for you! ;)

Hope you manage to enjoy the rest of your weekend prune-free lol! ;)

(((hug))) xxx



My Mum used to swear by prunes too when she "couldn't go" ;) She used to buy bags of them and have 2 or 3 a day just to *ahem* keep things moving ;)

Me? I can't eat fruit much now and I miss it. The only thing my I.B.S allows is apples and banana's. I ate a victoria plum earlier in the season, and I luurve plums but oh boy did I suffer for it :(


Oh yes moffy I have IBS -D and I love prunes but for obvious reasons they are a big no no for me.... Did you actually make a tune with your musical fruit and if so could you put it on you tube so we can all hear . Or could you turn the whole experience into a horror/ comedy film... Like beetlejuice just a slight change of name to prune juice ... Or even attack of the killer prunes instead of tomatoes


Slips gracefully and silently into the bathroom :)


U tube? OMG - there are some things a girl likes to keep to herself, including the sound effects!

I think I shall take a huge dose of Imodium now,, then I can call it an 'open and shut case' LOL xxxx


ROFL , well you have certainly made a new type of wind instrument, the Moffy... Coming to a music shop near you release date as yet unconfirmed

VG x


I found this hilarious lol and I am so so sorry for laughing. I like prunes now but as a kid forced to eat them in school with custard ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, no thanks. But I buy the Delmonte ones in the plastic tubs and I find they do not do this like the cans do. But I love a sachet of porridge made up and I chop around four prunes into it and teaspoon of the prune juice, yum yjm xxxxx


Hilarious guys - on a serious note tho moffy I hope the Imodium worked- make sure you replace your salts and keep hydrated because you don't want to suffer any other effects from the prune saga!!! Dioralyte or other rehydration salts will do the trick. Hope you don't have tummy ache. Thanks for the warning. :) Xxx


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