Oh dear, not a happy Foggy at all

Hey ladies, things in foggiville have gone downhill rapidly this afternoon and I have just had the piece of resistance, decided to have a ciabatta roll for supper, so there I am just takin the knife to it, and then the knife slipped and blast....blood spurting in all directions. Just to add to my fibro I I have a blood clotting disorder called Von Willebrands - you'll probably know all about it moffy. So here I am, it's been bleeding for 15 mins now and I really don't fancy having to drive myself ver to Taunton to get my Factor VIII - am not my normal happy foggy self. ?? Sorry to be a pain but I trust you for advice, yours very bloodily, Foggy x

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  • Ooh worrying. I don't know anything about the disorder sorry. Is there an alternative to the factor 8 stuff? Will it eventually stop? Hope someone here can advise you. Xrowantree

  • Yes there is synthetic drug called DDAVP desmopressin, but unfortunately when they tried it in me I went into anaphylactic shock, so that's a no go area even though it is the favoured drug for times when needed, but not for me :-(

  • Is the bleeding slowing? If not you probably should go to get your factor stuff! But stop if you feel faint, and phone an ambulance instead!!!

  • Thank you kind rowantree, but no it hasn't subsided yet, it difficult to drive with ones gear changing hand is spurting blood. Taunton is at least 45 mins away but I'm so tired I'm ot sure I can face the drive and then a long wait in A&E ......... ... Drat drat and double drat, i needed this like a hole in the head :-(

  • Hi Foggy

    Please call an ambulance. You can't drive in that state. It's not safe. And you can't just sit there bleeding. I assume you have tried putting pressure on the would to slow the bleeding? And elevate the hand too.




  • Foggy, ring 999 for an ambulance - of course you musn't drive in that condition, and you can't let it bleed on. Go and get treatment asap!!!!!

    worriedly, Moffy x

  • I've just rung haemotology dept and they say it will be at least 2. Hrs for them to get the Factor VIII. ready......l.am I cross....yes. On to about the 20th Plenty sheet just been chucked out. Maybe I'll try Exeter although I'm not really with them they have given me Factor VIII before.b

    Thanks moffy but I think I really couldn't call an ambulance, I would be taking it away from someone who really needs it.

    I've driven on many times over to Taunton with nosebleeds and spontaneous bleeding from my gums, so although I not want to its what I think I'll have to do it. :-(

  • Call the dsmn ambulsnce tell them the prib they eill come prepared you need the ambulance as much as folks with snifkes do thst use them if not mire CALL AN AMBULANCE NOW

  • OMG I hadn't realised I've caught two finger, wondered why there was so much blood running down my other fingers. Ggggrrrrr

  • ohh fibrofoggy

    i think you should listen to all its certainly a long way to drive unlike my 5 mins drive if i ahve an issue.

    better to be safe than sorry is my answer and i hope it has eased off? this was all done in past 25 mins?

    really feel for you it all sounds complicated the situation you have to say the least .

    i am complicated might i add but am sure many of us are as our minds are foggy foggy .

    lots of love and please listen to what you are told and if you think its needing attention then plesase do get it checked out

    xxxxxxx i am a googler so if some i not sure of that anyone posts i always try and google so i can understand but as time stands and i am already just come online now i think best to listen xxxxxxxxx please keep us posted

    hugs caroline xxxx

  • II have decided to hold hard, I've made a sort of tourniquet and put three plaster on go fingers. I will ring Taunton in about an hour to see if the Fctor VIII is ready, they will also have spoken with my consultant apparently and he says its better to have everything ready for me, even if I don't end up going, that is if the bleeding has eased, so I'll just wait and see if the tourniquet works, Thanks for everyone's kind words, Muchly Foggy x

  • Don't put a tight tourniquet on - just make a pad and press hard on the bleeding area - direct pressure usually works better than cutting off the blood flow. Do let us know how you are - whatever the time, or we'll all worry!

    Love Moffy x

  • Poor you. Hope all works out well for you, Foggy. Keep in touch with us.

    Loving, healing thoughts,

    Saskia XX

  • Have replied to pm foggy please let me know how you are on here or in Pm

    Yours running round like the mouse in your bedroom

    VG x:(

  • where abouts are you cause im only 16 miles from Taunton x

  • I'm in Dalwood, a village to the south of Taunton - do you know it? And where are you if you don't mind me asking? Pleased to meet another south west person ??

    Foggy x

  • how are you?

  • Hi Sandra, thank yu very much, I'm feeling much better now an the bleeding has all but stopped. I'm feeling pretty shattered but as it is with we fibromites, sleep is trying desperately to evade me......... At the moment it's winning but I hope to fall asleep really soon.

    Speak Soon, Muchly Foggy x

  • I woke up thinking about you foggy. Are you ok??

  • How are you now

  • Hello everyone, thank you all for such kind concern, i am fine now, though am off to the hospital later, had a phone call with my haematologist earlier and he just was to do sme clotting studies so its off to the vampires in a while. Both fingers are very sore and bloodied plasters, but I'm not going to take them off until I'm wth the vampires cos I'm worried about setting the bleeding off again. Sorry to be so late in replying to you but had a very sleepless night but then fell asleep, to be woken by the call fom my haem. Then went straight back to sleep.......ggrrrr stupid me. You are all such lovely kind people and I am so happy to have found such a nice forum to join. Muchly Foggy xx

  • Hi Foggy,

    Glad everything worked out and you are much better now. Take care and phone ambulance next time

    Gentle hugs


  • Thanks Lee, all sorted now, not great at phoning for ambulance as I hate to take it away from a real emergency, if its really too too bad I will' but I often have nosebleeds that I have to get cover for and I always drive with swabs up my nose, not a pretty sight, but its not a real emergency that I would feel justified in calling the emergency services for. foggy x

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