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A thought why don't we change the HUT for a pool!

The Hut is the mythological home of the volunteers it would be awesome in this heat to sit in a paddling pool we could still answer all your queries and be a tad cooler. What do you reckon VG - Moffy could bring straws for the drinks San the ice cubes and VG the towels for afterwards. Can we do this please Moffy it would be fun yet cooler--- from your overheated friend xgins

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cucumber sandwich anyone?


little triangle ones please! xgins


of course and crustless :P


I've arranged a specially chilled pool, with a 'pool butler' to bring us cold drinks, cream cakes and fluffy towels. VG is allowed in, but only if she stops this new habit of biting peoples' toes!

I've also arranged a crocodile and a shark to help us improve our swimming speeds :D

Moffy x


We better have some wubber wings as well :)

although I have my own personal water wings :)


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