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The night was long and very dark so here I am bright (ha) early (tick that box) completely fibroad (Yes)

15 December ahh a very well fed pussy cat looking terribly pleased with himself in that upright position they sit in with eyes tight shut looking what we called primsy- he has a festive bell dangling rom his tail tip. I wonder who the artist is for these calendars? Certainly not Michael whatsisname.

Now the pattern runs I tell a joke, I know preferably one that is very funny a rib goes are you ready...

How man planes cana Scotchman keep ????????????

Well laddy it depends on the size of his hangars ______________Boom Boom

so we will be there in 10 days Christmas hope everyone enjoys and is not too frazzeled xgins

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Morning Gins, what is it with advent calendars this year , nearly every door I have opened has had an animal in it, goat sheep lamb cow donkey and they are just there not in any context unless you count marigold the cow gazing at a star, I am hoping for a wise man on a camel soon, knowing my luck I,ll open tomorrow's and find an albatross, which will promptly drape itself round my neck and watch as I drown under this never ending rain....



I think you nicked Noahs advent calendar hence all the animals. Do they come in strange poses or just normal , the ones in mine are all a bit iffy.

Yes it is raining here again too! Splosh well I would but cannot get feet into any wellies so I

I need flippers, tried OH size 11 they work on left but not on right shattered now think I will stay at home xgins


Oh my THAT,S why I have had an old man with a long white beard in flowing robes glaring in my front window for the past 15 days..... Maybe you could try those fishermans waders the ones that come up to your armpits.... Bit like your kilt < see your other post > you could keep dry and if you have to go shopping just pack it all in the top of your waders... Will send you a snorkel for Christmas...

VG x


a snorkel well if that is the case I shall send you the long awaited boat! Not to let on to Noah that you are escaping........



Noadvent calendars here lol, so I drop in to see what you have, best way as they say chocolate is good for fibro but it aint good for cluster headaches which have blessed me again xxxxx


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