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Sooooo exhausted!

Hi everyone,

I haven't written ina long while but feel that I really need to talk to people who understand.

Was diagnosed with fibro about 3 years ago now and am a second year nursing student.

Been having a really bad flare for about 2 weeks. The pain is really bad and meds are not helping and I just feel so exhausted no matter how much or little I do. Can't sleep either. I'm out on work placement at the moment as well.

Sorry to come on after ages and just moan! Xx

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You can't beat a good moan so don't worry,all I can suggest is to get as much rest as you can and pace as much as possible too,I have felt exhausted today after a busy week,totally drained,I'm having a new kitchen and bathroom in next week so stressful,I'm going to need a holiday to recover! Take care and well done continuing with your nursing degree! Hugs xxx


sometimes it helps to have a good moan, today i am having to go the council to see again about the discretionary payment for having 2 bedrooms, 1 i use for my self and one my son and grandson use when they come up to help me on the weekend. i have given them the information on the 30 march and and signed forms , when i phoned about this payment they said they were a month behind and it has taken them till now to ask me again for the same information they have already have had. and i have to go to the job centre as they have taken my money down 20 pounds a week, even though i have had a life line put in and commode and need a lot of help to get up and help to dress and i cannot go any where on my own,,as i tend to fall alot.i am feeling very stressed right now. have not eaten for 3 days too worried how i am going to pay my bills. am feeling very tired and stressed.


You do need to talk it over with your mentor so that people on the ward understand, or maybe you have already. You need to find a way to balance life and illness so that you can cope, and it miight be the stress of the placement and irregular shifts that is part of the cause. Can you see if you can get shifts that have a regular pattern every day? It might suit you better to do the afternoon shifts so that you can stay in bed in the morning. But your experience with this disease will make you a very caring and compassionate nurse, so keep going, however hard, the profession needs poeple like you. Hugs x


Hello, I have the utmost respect for you carrying on with your nursing training. The good thing is you know about fibro and can make adjustments, pacing, resting when you can. I'm not sure if you would be able to get a shift of your choice but explain what's happening, hopefully your supervisors will understand and help you on that side as well. Good luck with your training.


Hi there,Iam a qualified nurse and developed fm whilst I was working in a hospice which was a very tough job.However, the staff and my manager were very supportive and when I was on long term sick they always kept my job open for me and came to see me at home and brought me flowers,They even arranged for me to do lighter duties,however I was too ill to manage even lighter duties and had to give up the job.Iam sure if you talked to them they would try to help you out.Nursing can be quite hard physically as well as emotionally but it is very rewarding.Have you told your nursing teachers about your condition at all as Iam sure they would try to help,maybe by giving you placements where there is not too much physical lifting etc.. xxx


It often does us good just to be able to vent and say how we feel and here is a good place.

Sorry to hear you are having a flare it must be hard when you are doing your nursing training too and especially being in a placement at the moment.

I hope this flare passes soon and you feel better again soon. Could you maybe talk to your GP see if he can help with a change to/or add to your medication during this flare?

I wish you well x


Im a qualified nurse and was diagnosed in 2009 I am finding it difficult to continue in the nhs i am 62 this year and otherwise in good health except for the fibromyalgia i hae had alot more pain have had tiime off work. I hae been told by my union rep. that fibromyalgia is classed as a disability so therefore your line manager should put in place some adjustments i am at present having this problem of occupational health recommodations being ignored and unhelpful shift patterns.I am esculating this to top management - as a student nurse im not sure who could help possiibly occupational health.


You should be able to get help from your union rep. I hope you manage to sort something out.

I'm a qualified nurse, I'm currently able to work 3 long days a week, I do struggle with fatigue. The pan is pretty much controlled at the moment thankfully. I have been prescribed butrans patches 20mcg. They do increase my level f drowsiness.

Good luck with everything. X


Thanks everyone for all the really kind and helpful messages. I really appreciate it. I tried to get an appt to see my doc but they can't see me til next Friday. Got through the week on placement and trying to catch up on some sleep now it's the weekend. Gentle hugs to you all x x


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