Soo sad

Hi there

Been tryin to kid myself that everything is ok, but its not I can honestly say I have never felt as sad as I feel just now, with the cold weather makin joints worse and I've had earach tooth ache, my gums in togue are also sore, I'm soo stressed and that's just makin me soo ill , I can't control weather or stress and these two things make me Sooo ill more than

Any other things. I also find Xmas time very difficult, it's all about happy family time, only I don't have a happy family life, if i didn't

Have a lovely son in dog I'd get on any plane to take me anywhere warm.i would love to walk away in leave my life .

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  • Oh Kilts bless you! I am so sorry you are feeling so low at the moment, this time of year is especially hard for some of our members.

    Have you been to your GP or dentist about your earache and toothache, you might need antibiotics for either or both of these complaints. These two things on top of your Fibro are bound to make you feel dreadful. Please contact both to sort this out for you. You may need dental treatment or a prescription from your dentist if you have an infection. It's not likely to be something that just goes away without treatment of one form or another.

    Have you considered having a word with your GP about feeling a bit low, there is help out there. Are you taking an antidepressant, you may need the dose altering to help you that little bit more.

    Have you considered talking to the Samaritans?** They aren't just there for the obvious well publicised reasons, they are happy to discuss anything that is troubling or worrying us at any time from a non-judgemental perspective. Sometimes it helps to off load all our problems and worries to someone impartial. Their contact details are below if you are interested.

    We are always here to listen too, so please feel free to either talk on here or to private message Admin (click on my name, this will take you to my profile page. Select the option on the left to send a message, and I will get back to you asap in confidence) - whatever you are most comfortable with.

    We are always only too happy to help and support where we can.

    Take care. (((hug))) xxx



    08457 90 90 90

  • Kilts, you sound like you have S.A.D. it is depression caused by lack of sunlight. If you can afford it get one of those lamps that give you sunlight and it does work. I should know i have been suffering from it for years. Speak to you dr and libs has said get to the dentist as well. I'm sorry that you don't have supportive family around you,but remember that everyone on here willo always be family to you. Love sylvi.xx

  • Hello hun, sorry you are feeling so low and have the earache toothache joints etc to contend with also - if your tongue and gums are sore it might be worthwhile getting a mouthwash called corsodyl it's quite good at clearing up ulcers and infections etc, when I get the start of a sore throat I gargle with it and sometimes it doesn't develop at all. Like the others said you should book an appointment with drs and dentist but in the interim this might help you.

    If you do get it you must brush your teeth well to ensure it doesn't stain them. I hope you feel better soon - every day of the winter is one day closer to its end remember there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    Take care hun, wrap up warm

    K xxx

  • Bless you kitty honesty is sometimes hard, we all understand how hard the honest truth of fybromyalgia has on our lives, it is brutal. There is help out there my dear! I know that sometimes the thought of even going out is overwhelming so call your doctor and see if you can get a nurse or someone to visit you at home if you don't feel well enough to venture out. Please do not neglect your well being! I have been guilty of this myself because I know it just all gets too much, Please have hope! God Bless you my friend xxx

  • Oh thank u all very much, it's good here to just say how u feel, and lots if people to talk to, im most of the time a very strong person and slthou my pains fibro are like others very bad hard and impossible at times , my friends in family can see the tired ness and sadness at times, but most of the time they think i must be good but im mot its just im better at hiding it, but wen u get soo bad i start to show, i will contact ma gp tell her im so sad see wat she says .tooth ache ect is TMJ causing it it really drags me down, maxaillon said to me yesterday we've did all we can to try and help pain , the weather is making it worse, ill see u in April maybe ull feel better then. I think ill try the light as I'm Defo a sun babe I lie all day in sun as long as its warm enough. Thank u all very much take care in have a lovely Xmas of I'm not on before it. Xxx

  • Sending you a huge hug Kilts. I'm not in a good place either and I know Xmas can make it feel worse because you think you should be happy like all the adverts on the tv. I have to turn them off at the moment. I'm doing everything I can to look after myself which isn't easy when your feeling low. I find just writing about my feelings on here is so therapeutic. I think it's good you have recognised your not feeling great,it's the start of things improving. I like the idea of a light box,I might look into that too as I find winter so hard to get through.

    Ali xxx

  • i know how you feel im in a bad place right now i hit rock bottom other night an crushed an took a load of tablets ive had so much abuse in my life as soon as anyone is nasty to me an i feel i feel let down its hurts very deep so ive i have decided to take control of my life as i have only tried to help people an get kicked in the face for everything i do .im going to see doc next week but ive sent him a letter beforehand telling him everything ive never said to them its the only way they will know how i ive held this inside me for many years i am 55 now an had enough !! of what life thous at me i have also started a writing a box list quite a few boxes on paper i have to fill of what i want dont want in my life this is going to be the biggest change in my life ever because i have woke up the fact that i am the one that can make me happy because i have never been happy accept for my 3 grown up sons an grand children ,but every one can sod off everyone is going on the back burner this is about now an i dont care what anyone an that the 1st box im filling and want to go back to work next year after 12 years only cleaning but i am good at it box 2 .so good luck to me and you there is always light at the end of that dark tunnel we just need a torch lots of love too you xxx

  • ps sorry about all the missing words im always doing it on text as well was trying to say this is about me from now on i am the only one that can make me happy ,

  • Hi all,

    I have not written here very often but read almost everyday what all of you being through in your day to day life. My story is a along along one. I would like to tell that another day. However, coming back to the topic here, I diagnose with fibro last summer as I get joints pain when it's hot. I am very sensitive to lights.( I moved to Italy because of my husband and now suffering) At the moment I feel better as there is no Sun. I go out, do house work, etc.... but it is very very hard during the summer. It is opposite of most of you. Is it possible?

  • hi i dont understand that as the cold effects me very bad i have only had 2 days this year where i have been totally free of all pain an symptoms where i felt i didnt have fibro it was fantastic to feel like that again that was march an September the temperature must have been just to hear your story when you are ready perhaps if we all tell our stories pbob be good for us who knows ???????? take care love xx

  • Hi Kilts I wish I could cheer you up somehow! I've suffered from earache all my life (I am very hard of hearing now and wear bilateral hearing aids) so I know how painful and soul destroying it can be.Ive also had toothache & abscess 's.The corsodyl is a really good idea and should help a lot.make sure you really wrap up warm,it sounds obvious but it's easy to be caught out by a sudden change in weather.I've just ordered a snood,it's like a tubular neck scarf that you can pull

  • oops, over your head like a hood and up over your mouth.This should keep the wind out! Hope you feel better soon x

  • I got a bargainous snood from Primark I love it it's surprising the heat it keeps in! X

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