A sad day?

Hello, i'm new to the site but felt that perhaps sharing how i feel with others would not only help me but other sufferers too!!

Today was a difficult day, I am currently suffering from cellulitis in my leg thanks to an infected insect bite, headache from hell and the usual gamut of Fibro symptoms.

I work full time so to add to my day I was placed on an attendance management policy due to my sickness, I am supposed to be covered by the DDA but hey tell that to my bosses.

On the plus side, i found this website and have read some peoples stories and realise that although today has been a sad and somewhat painful day, i am not alone in my suffering and who knows perhaps by sharing my stories i may find treatments/ways that will help me cope.

So hello my fellow sufferers and remember we are not alone and tomorrow is another day?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Have a word with your Health & Safety representative. You are covered by DDA and it is up to your Health & Safety personnel to advise you and your bosses of breaks, special requirements such as chair and workstation etc., They have a Duty of Care to you and your colleagues.

  • Hi Issylot,and welcome,you will like me and over one and a half thousand others find this a great site.

    You really seem to be having a rough time of it.Look forward to getting to know you.

    Hugs Butterfly54 xxx

  • hi issylot welcome sorry to hear u r having trouble at work ,i took redundancy last year as my position was going best thing i ever did but i was in a position to b able to that .hope things pick up for u luv tofty xx

  • join a union. you dont have to be political. i have no idea what made me join. ours was the GMB but i presumed id not need it. think i was a bit scared of the rep and thought if i joined then she would warm to me... sad cow that i am. anyway it was the best thing i ever did. they were amazing. you bosses dont have a hope in hell with your health and safety people, DDA and a union working on your side. chin up and let them do the fighting for you and save your spoons for getting through the day [i now live by spoon theory rules]

  • no helpful comments other than big {{{hugs}}} re cellulitis as I sometimes get that from insect bites + hope you manage to get through to your employers soon.

  • Thankyou everyone for the warm welcome and hugs .... and the advice re my employers, i am a member of the union however my supervisor says that they do not exclude my DDA related illness from my sickness and therefore I have hit too many triggers.....we don't have a local steward and we have no disabilities officer (unless of course i apply for that role as suggested by the advice line???) so will battle on regardless....apologies if i am quiet the next few days, the stress of today will no doubt flare my fibro (we lost our 12yr old german shepherd today and the family is devastated) but will keep on and wish you all a good, restful, painless (if possible) weekend.....and of course gentle hugs to you all.....xxxxxxxxx

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