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Have you given up smoking since being diagnosed with fibro?

In the new year I would like to try and give up smoking,i already know the pros of giving up smoking and why i should stop so im not asking why i should give up...i already know but i was wondering has anyone since being diagnosed with fibro given up successfully,did you find it very difficult and have you noticed apart from the obvious benefits any improvement even slight in your fibro conditions?...xx

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I used to smoke as a teenager, but haven't since and that was a long time ago.

I am sure more of our members will reply to you Pink and advise you on this.

(((hug))) xxx



Thanks libs

I look forward to hearing how other people have coped,I also need to loose weight but I think I will go for the quit smoking option first!..xx


Oh dear that's a dilemma isn't it Pink. At Christmas time too! Can't you wait until New Year, less pressure then. Psychologically you might feel more determined then too, just a thought. xxx :)


I going for the two in the new year! this is really going to take some planning! Anyway iv got a cubard full of goodies bought for Xmas,there is no way I'm not touching any of them over Xmas,I ain't that keen to go on a diet! Lol...xx



i smoke and would also like to know if others have stopped since being diagnoised, i was waiting til the new year but i'm pretty bad at the moment so don't really see the holidays being a 'party' so i'm thinking i'll stop during the holidays as i don't have any comitments, at leat i can think i can achieve stopping smoking even if i can't go out or socialise, not that i feel like it anyway..geez sorry to sound so doom!


You don't sound doom at all! I realy need to give up the ole biscuits aswell,iv put on 2 stone since being diagnoses with fibro which is just over a year ago!I am aware that I can put on more weight when giving up smoking so I know im going to have to really plan this,I don't socialise much now anyway but I think its going to be the new year for me so iv got more time to plan things,I do wish you loads of luck,its a big step for both of us,but we both know its going to be worth it in the end...xx


i am trying to give up now for 3 weeks just had a relapse but patch back on tomorrow and keep trying . idont really want to give up but at a recent dentist appointment they thought i had mouth cancer luckly i havent but docter said i had a gum disease that would turn to cacer if i didnt stop smoking good luck


Oh my goodness linlit what a scare for you! I'm so glad it didn't turn out to be as seriouse as the big C,although gum disease is still not nice,iv had 3 teeth out this year and 2 last year which I believe tooth and gum trouble can be a problem with fibro,you did really well to get to 3 weeks,what I have been told in the past that with anything it takes about that time to change a persons mindset,basically its when you get to that mark is when things can go wrong,so after what was only a teeny weeny setback you just need to get over that marker,however you will always need to be on your guard,I wish you luck,you know what they say..don't give up giving up...xx


Hi yes I gave up about 5 years ago. I feel much better for it. For me it was a detox thing and allowing my body to absorb nutrients.

I did it the 12 step way

I made a firm decision for myself that that was whatt I was doing. I chose not to blame anything or anyone. Stress or other people, places and things did not make me smoke....the demon of addiction did

I chose to recognise the work of the demon of addiction for what is was, and made a decision not to play his game any more.

I was in control lol not the demon lol

I accepted my own part in the smoking habit.

I lived (and still live) one day at a time....knowing that just one cigarette will put me right back into the hands of the demon. LOL

I asked for help from my God....and accepted those around me had not made the same decision as me.....therefore i couldn't expect them to stop

I didn't tell anyone I was stopping. It was my decision. That way failure was not an added pressure.

I kept a secret tally of my one day to allow myself to know what I'd be ruining by 'just having one.

It took me two or three failed attempts but by starting again at day 1, with no guilt....I got there

Every time I wanted a cigarette I drank water. I made that my 'go to response'. I still carry round a bottle of water.(got to be in a bottle lol its no good out of a glass....don't ask me why lol )

I now have less headaches. It's given me the sense of purpose to detox further by sorting out the rest of my diet. My weight had gone up anyway beyond 12 stone and went up further for a while until my body stabelised again. I'm now down to 11. 5

I'm still working on.that with Wii fit.

My breathing is better. I can get breathless going up slight inclines, but this is noticeably better.

Hope that's of help lol. It's just my way of coping lol



hi stepper

sorry i didnt reply earlier but iv had my home medical for the DLA today and have been feeling a little exhausted!

well done you for giving up for such a long time,i like your way of thinking when you gave up,and your right about the water in a bottle than in a glass,i dont know why.

Im starting to actually look forward now about giving up and hopefully for good,i get a lot of headaches so i really hope that is something that will stop aswell as breathing a lot easier.

i hope you have a restfull evening

julie xx


I gave up about 18 months ago just did it cold turkey, but I have only recently been diagnosed so I don't know how it impacts. My big tip. Don't tell anyone you are going to stop. They only notice when we smoke they don't notice when you stop! It will also stop the continuous comments of 'how are you doing? Have you relapesed etc etc. It took people abotu 6 months to notice I hadn't had a ciggie. I have to say I feel no different, no healthier or anything just the same. :)


well done someonesmother,

Thanks for your reply,I agree with what you say about not telling people,i think that is good advice and will be sure not to tell anyone.

i hope you have a nice evening

julie xx


I gave up smoking ~ got up one day decided enough was enough, went to chemist got the little inhaler thing where you putin a capusle best thing I've ever done, 15 months later I still use the little inhaler with nothing in it just for comfort ~ and I haven't had a ciggie ~ YOU'LL DO IT WHEN YOU'RE READY AND NOT BEFORE IT, ~ GOOD LUCK! :)


~soft hugs~


well done you also,quite a few success stories,and you are right about not doing it before im ready..soft hugs hun xx


Hi Pinkblossom,

well not quite what you asked as I gave up smoking 15 years ago (after smoking for 25 years) but did not have fibromyalgia then. I read a book called How to stop smoking permanently by Alan Carr (NOT the comedian).

A friend of my Mum's had the book and as she is dyslexic she took months to read it and by the time she got to the end forgot what it said in the beginning. After the second reading she gave up and has never smoked since.

She then lent me the book - I read it in 6 days, gave up and have never smoked since although I did have to light up for prisoners when I worked for court services, never made me want one though. Before this I had tried everything, patches, accupuncture, the lot and nothing worked. The book makes you feel so b----y stupid for doing it that you never want to do it again. I had 200 cigarettes in the house when I gave up and sold them on 3 weeks later.

Also used to discipline the kids with it. If they were naughty I would say right go and get me a cigarette from my room, and they would say please don't smoke Mum, and I would say well behave yourselves then.


Given up many times. Best when go to GP and got nicorette cigarette. Cannot remember wot they r called. Brain not good at no. Also electric cigarettes are good BUT read small print if online coz some r scams, claiming introductory offers for small amount like £6.99 then send more after 14days with bill of £70 odd. Does help to give up coz when u smoke it affects how much oxygen gets to muscles. If you fail just keep trying. That's wot I did. GOOD LUCK. X


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