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life since diagnosed with fibro

Hi my name is liz aged 44. I was diagnosed 3 years this xmas. But they reckon i have had it 20+ years. I can relate to that thinking back. I had a nervous breakdown 2 years ago after ending a bad racial relationship. Since then i had been in and out of hospital with different illness and been at death door on a couple of occassions. This has lead to more depression and was forced to give up my teachng career in June which i loved. Come to this awful life of living as a hermit never going out the house as I am too ill and exhausted to do anything. Has any feel the same ? xx

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I've had fibro for 7 years now, I had my own business since 2001but sadly I couldn't manage it and sold up 3 years ago , things always seem to come together with my ex husband talking our son round to going to live in Canada with him, in a short time I felt like I'd lost my son , my life , my health , I hit rock bottom , luckily I have a big family who are very supportive it's taken a few years but I'm in a lot better place now , my son is still living in Canada , I'm still not able to work , but after counciling , and a lot of soul searching I'm nearly back to my former self ! ( mentally ) I make the most of the good days even though they very few and try and put up with the bad days ! It's so hard but you not alone ! You can't give in to the terrible disorder ! Keep strong things will get better xxx love Jo X


The condition is horrible and it can take everything away from people esecially if you dont have an support around. I normally tell new poeple that have the condition is that they need to go through the grieving process and once they have done that they can live with the condition, For years this condition controlled me but now I control it most of the time. I found that going to a pain management programme helped a lot as i accepted that i coulldnt allow this to control me anymore,

Currently I am struggling with my depression but i will go to my GP next week to as for an increase of medication but i need to ask for an increase of my bladder medication as that isnt working that well,



.I have posted a Fibro motto so I won't post it all again here hun xxxxx


Hello and welcome to our lovely forum Science-bear you are most welcome here!

Take a look around our Questions, Blogs and Tags, there is a wealth of information there, advice, support, personal experiences and friendship too! Please read our FibroAction Guidelines, you will find these under Blogs at the top, please select FibroAction Blogs and then scroll down. We ask all our new members to read these, many thanks.

If you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us, we are always only too happy to help. We all understand, we are all in the same boat here.

We have all felt the same as you at some time or another, Fibromyalgia can change our lives to such a degree, it can be very hard to accept all the changes regarding our work and our home lives, but we all know how this feels and we will try to help and support you.

I hope you enjoy your time at FibroAction! :)


Aww thanks for the lovely comments. It is so different when you are suffering and we understand each other. reading some of the comments saying don't let fibro rule me makes sense. If you have any ideas to help me please feel free to post. I am willing to try anything. Thank you again for your comments. It really makes me not feel isolated. Xx


Yes.I too have been in and out of hospital during the last few years also with some very nasty illnesses.I was told that I had fibromyalgia about a year ago and wondered why one of my illnesses seems to be rearing it's ugly head again ,possibly its this.I am extremely tired,dizzy,and as though in another world (fibrofog?)I also have dreadful circulation in my hands and feet ,in fact my whole body has bad temperature regulation I always seem to be cold! Exercise that's what I need.


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