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One of me poems (many apologies to Pam Ayres!)

One of me poems (many apologies to Pam Ayres!)

What have you got to smile about?

The worlds such a dreadful place!

Things will go to the bad, no doubt,

So just wipe that grin off your face!

I don’t know why you’re so cheerful.

There’s nothing to make you glad.

I’m really more than fearful,

That you’re going completely mad!

That’s what they said when they saw me

With my irritating grin

They think that I should be grumpy

Seeing the state that I’m in!

So I thought I might try moaning

It would make a bit of a change

So I practiced hard at me groaning

For anyone within range

I creaked and complained with vigour

Then I whined and squealed for a bit

I did not smile nor snigger

I was getting quite good at it!

Oh dear! I said , ‘Tis awful

I really feels like the dregs

It shouldn’t oughta be lawful

To suffer like this with me legs!

Well I didn’t find it easy

Being a cheerless soul

It made me feel a bit queasy

Playing a dismal role

But I didn’t feel I could relent

So I kept it up ‘til dinner

Me mates said if moaning was a track event,

I’d surely be a winner.

Well by the time the tea comes round

They’d all had quite enough

Me smiles annoyed ‘em I’ll be bound

But the groaning was just too tough!

So now I’m laughing every day

And I’m hardly ever tearful

Although in the mornings, people say

You’re just too b***** cheerful!

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Moffy that's brilliant! I even read it hearing Pam Ayres' voice in me head! (see what I mean! lol! ;) )

Loved it Moffy, you have a real talent, can't wait to read more! :) Thanks for posting it! :D

(((hug))) xxxx



Brilliant xxxxx


I take my hat of to you ladymoth, well I would if I had one on. You are a Star keep em coming in fact I'll start the next one off for you.

There was an old woman with fibro

Take care God bless Bob


I love it! can I send it to my friends please?




Hi Sandra ... feel free to send it to anyone - I don't have a copyright!

Love ...Moffy xxx


Hiya thats cheered me up no end.Lots of stress, worry, feeling lonely but am not really I have my family luckier than some I know.Lovely day also sunny so get out and enjoy it whilst you can.


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