Monday 10th december it is so dark ....Lets cheer our selves up with a little frivolity ................da da dda

Advent calendar shows a crumpled old sack tied up with a very jolly strippy sock. Peeping out of the sack is a ............Teddy Bear with a scrumptious smily face he is holding his arms up for a hug! We will give him a Fibro hug (((((((((())))))))))

I think this nonsence is bonkers but fun never the less!

Do I have a joke? ponders ...........Yes I do. I was looking for a short funny joke...........

But there was a dwarf shortage!

Not up to scratch how aout

Why should husbands make the early morning tea?

Because the Bible says He brews!

I do hope my jokes never offend any one they are certainly never ment too they are always written in humor and affection.


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  • I am starting to feel like johnny morris I open up number 9 on my advent calendar as yesterday I opened 10 yet another blooming animal this time is a very well fed goat he either ate the hay I put out for marigold , or he has eaten the cow , either way he looks very happy and full, if you can imagine a goat looking happy....

    So let's post a worse joke than Gins ....

    What do you call a man wearing paper trousers.............. Russell

    VG x

  • your jokes are good something to look forward too keep them coming Gins love bethx

  • Hi Gins, your posts are always refreshing and make us smile! You brighten all our days. :)

    (The only thing we would ask is please no reference to religion or politics to keep in accordance with our Guidelines)

    You are a breath of fresh air Gins, making our days that little bit brighter, so warm hugs and thank you! :)

    (((hug))) xxx


  • if you have a dwarf shortage I'll put myself forward. I'm only 4ft 10" so I think I forfill all the criteria :P

  • Oh bless you Akasha, you're lovely! Height doesn't matter in here my dear, the best things come in small packages as they say! :)

    (((hug))) xxx


  • My Mum used to say "there's many a big potato rotten" ... I loved that saying.

    I used to be 4ft 11 and a half before fibro hit. The Dr doesn't know why I've shrunk but the pain team seemed to think it was due to the muscles being so tight.

    I don't care what it's due to I just my inch and a half back please!! Especially in the supermarket lol

  • That's a lovely saying Akasha! So true too! :) xxx

    I was almost 5' 8" tall, but seem to have lost almost an inch along the way lol! ;) Age and Fibro I think. :P


  • I was 5' 3 and now 5'1.5 - everyone says its compression.


  • this is definitely the kind of thread where we could do with a "like" button!

    some chuckleworthy stuff there :-)

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