My Calenda is still going for those who have not reached the boredom saturation point here goes

December 16th opens doors pescy little perforations I thought those were for tea bags.....managed now I see before me ..a head of a raindeer a happy smiling know it all sort munching on a leaf, eyes closed with bliss perhaps it was a chocolate leaf! Certainly it must be blitzen getting ready to carry the bags of pressies---------whoop whoop.............

I wonder if I have a reindeer joke.....No but a Fatha Christmas joke yes.

How many presents can Santa fit into an empty sack?

Okay of you go answers before 2.00 please by then I will be bored an will accept anything xgins

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  • Whats the answer Gins? Hope its not rude cos my 8 year old is trying to guess too haha! x

  • Is this rude...???????.. A reindeer with his eyes closed in bliss and father Christmas with an empty sack... My eyes are out on stalks here..... Are you sure you haven't dreamt all this... Is it an amitriptaline induced dream you have been going through, ahhhhhh I am blinded.... Just opened my advent calendar and Noah has been in the house during the night, pinched the animals and left me an enormous 10,000 watt star, well I won't need the lights on tonight.....though I must admit after your exploits this morning with your advent calendar I was a bit wary of opening mine today, good job I opened the door slowly

    Staggers off to get coffee with weird images burned into her retinas

    VG x

  • Far from bored .... Anxious about what you're gonna amuse us with after Christmas. OMG - what am I going to do... Nothing to look forward to. (Panics)

    Perhaps it's just as well the world's going to end next week -lol!



  • we could lways do a count down to next christmas LOL xgins

  • No Eye Dear! ho ho ho!

    I look forward to this blog. I'll miss it.

    answer - none if it's empty.


  • my birthday is Jan 25th can we have a countdown to that?

    maybe a piccy of a hunk every day.


  • Grins evilly how about a piccy of a chunk of chocolate everyday till your birthday..... I will follow you round the forum posting a different chocolate everyday............

  • yum!


  • I know the answer my son worked it out


    VG x

  • Bahhhh 2pm you said Gins and still no answer.... Hope you are ok..... So I am going to give you the answer my son gave ..... obviously being autistic his brain works differently to mine, probably cos mine has practically stopped working, I was thinking millions cos he has a magic sack, my OH wanted to know the size of sack and presents when my son said.... How many presents can santa put in an empty sack..... One then it isn't an empty sack any more, it's got something in it, he didn't realise it was a joke he was being serious ....

  • he is quite right One is the answer then something is inside -- sorry did not get back fell asleep xgins

  • Well I would not have got this one lol and here I am a whole day late reading it AGAIN xxxxx(can we have a countdown to the 30th lol, and can we have commiserations to as I hit 48, getting ever closer to 50!)

  • When is your 50th how marvelous the best club ever, you become more outspoken honest and happier in your self


  • My 50th will be 30/12/14 lol xxxxx

  • two years of fun first! Happy Birthday for the 30 December may your 48th be joyful have xgins

  • Fun, why are you going to buy me a birthday cake lol. Now that would be fun for me, never had a birthday cake in my life, as a kid made to make do with Xmas cake. But told hubby I want one for 50th, he will most likely buy me a choux bun lol xxxxx(thankyou for ealry birthday wished, but got to have hubbys birthday first)

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