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stuck lol

hi im so foggy and would love to be able to write something intresting lol! im just tapping keys and trying t find my way around the internet and all the jargen! may have some funny storys to share when the fogs lifted, but for now im just rambling :) have read someintresing and sad storys! and relate to it all, gentle hugs to you all and ill be back on soon :) xx

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Hi Helle,

I was foggy yesterday, it lifted briefly late afternoon. I'm always taken aback when

it does and reality kicks in. We were going for a christmas tree, so I'm glad I had

some faculties, it was a minefield! Last year we got the tree from the same garden

centre, my husband found the label still stuck on the tree reservoir, we had bought

exactly the same type of tree this year, same height and price!!

Look after yourself.



Hello Helle, please don't worry, we all have foggy moments and foggy days too, so we all understand.

It's lovely that you have popped in here to see us all! :)

Always lovely to see you here! :)

Take care and we will see you here again soon when you feel like posting. :)

(((hug))) xxx



hiya thanks for your reply. its good to know that i can ramble away :) and big hugs to you xx


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