This will make you smile!

Just been making new covers for my parrots cage platforms (she is a rescue she got attacked by a dog and was left unable to fly and she has a club foot) and been waiting for my tea for nearly an hour only to discover its still frozen and my hubby turned the oven off and my dear parrot Cass is cracked up laughing and calling hubby a stupid boy!!!!hahahaha night all sleep well and speak tomorrow and thanks for the great welcomexxxxxx steph

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  • Hehehe that made me laugh, are you and the parrot ganging up on him then??

    Speak soon, have a good night xx

  • oh dear bless sorry i dont like birds i am terrified of them i ok if they in cage though but if the door is opend on cage you would see diddle silohette shape through the wall love to you diddle x

  • pmsl,lv fm me xx

  • Hi Steph,

    Poor hubby, lol. A friend of mine has a parrot, it's about 35 years old!! I didn't realise they lived for so long.

    Sue xxxx

  • Hi Steph you made me start my day with a smile!!!! Hope you get a nice dinner today xx

  • Haha steph, thats is so funny,

    Thanxs for cheering me up. :)

    I love parrots i would love one just so it can call my partner names lol.

    hugs, kel xxx

  • cass did say the "go away " word to my mother in law which i did not teach her and she makes the bottom berp noise which she learnt from the telly ad for edf which is really funny!!!lots of love stephxxxx

  • thanks guys cass is such a dear even though she went through hell with her last home we have built up such a trust I have foster dogs here when im needed as my friend has a rescue center and she rescues bull breeds all over the country that are due to be put to sleep and as the vets is next to where i live they come here before going to jan,cass calls them and they always end up liking her beak! Ive got 4 boxers (did have 9) me and my mum showed until we lost my dear dad nearly 2 years ago, also got 3 rescue rex rabbits!!!! I will get back to the show ring with pugs abit easier to manage and i wont have to run!!!!! love to allxxxxxx

  • I love parrots and would probably have one if I couldn't work any more (oh, and if I didn't have my hubby, as not sure if he likes parrots - forgot about that little detail!!!). Birds make great companions, I had a budgie as a child and still remember her fondly. She would always play with my pencils and ruler when I did my homework and peck at my ear whilst trying to concentrate on my maths!! She drank Sherry and ate toast and cornflakes - as well as a normal bird diet..... She literally would go crackers if she heard the toaster working or a cornflakes pack rustle, and when the old style cork top popped off the sherry bottle, she was anyones!.....she died of heart failure at 6 years old, so not so well for a budgie, but not sure if the sherry contributed :-)

  • what a little dear! cass does like coffee and baileys i found out as i left my cup for 2min and found her with her beak well stuck in! also blueberry muffins,chocolate, roast dinner, the list is endless

    she was so thin when we got her that i put her straight onto our food she would have pasta,vegitables and meat and fish no oils only cod liver,she came on in leaps weve now had her for nearly 3 years and i was told she was 2 when we got her so she is still a babe,

    shes more human than bird,sleeps on a duvet with her cuddly rabbit and poler bear!!!!lots of love steph

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