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struggled to walk today twinges galorrrre ffs just to watch my son play football for 1st time! eek

struggled to walk today twinges galorrrre ffs just to watch my son play football for 1st time! eek

well 2pm today was kick off so thought i shall go and support him as much as i may bump into his dad (my ex or 16 yrs ago so complicated as i do not like him at all)

anyway was in stitches hahahahh.

stood 5 mins freeezing my lil ti**tiies off as much as wrapped up to the max at -2 like being in a freezer, forgot the chair so braved it.. stood but my legs could not hold me no longer and was seizing up slowly, so my 12 yr old daughter walked me back to car 2 mins away walked across pitch stopped, walked stopped me- god this is a long walk, tt (daughter) mum you only done a few yards well its still a bl**dy long walk look mum turn round, so turned around and omg i was howling with laughter is that all i have done jeeez how i going to get back hubby comes running and he holds me to walk back stopped tons of times got round corner and he said look i will open gates b*gger it and bring car to you my legs were struggling to hold me up , he came i got in car he picked legs up put in aaahhhh at last engine on warmth !! he went running back to pitch 10 mins later they come back... huh has it finished half time the softies i said.. nope its finished whaat , well it took that long to walk me back to car for the bad twinges in base of spine and my hips and legs baring in mind its 45 mins each side , so not seen much..i guess i best stay home next time or get a wheely chair to take me there lol as its too far to walk in the school grounds to football pitch :-( but hilarious time we had ..i so never realised how bad i am as i only get in car to houses in/out literealy , so i am bad then and the cold weeather is EVIL hahahahaha

well relaxing now and having a little glass of sherry listening to real radio.

my older daughter 22 has gone to Newcastle and if anyone knows the group Ndubs ( i call it Nbudz she thought hilarious) is there 179. a night spa night she having with a long lost male friend bless..

my other son 23 yrs foned me after a long non talktive time when he moved out and he is moving in his new apartment on Monday so i cannot believe my wkend with my kids and the chats we had am allll happy for them , lets hope 2013 is better all round xxxxxxxxx

just thought i would sh sh sh shaaaare with you all my day ohh and went to Asda in my Disabled parking space and that was hard work after this after noon walking round i keep feeling dizzy kind of out of it when i walk with the twinges (i have had sciatica in both legs in 2010 this is so different the way it feels but i guess the Lyrica takes the edge of reality of it ) so weird to explain.. anyone else understand it

the pic is just to show my nature of personality lol

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Sorry you are not doing so well right now but I do understand how we ened up laughing at ourselves. But if we can laugh at ourselves then others laughing at us willnot upset us. My daughter has Real Radio on all the time, well when we can get it properley. In the colder weather this radio seems to play up. She is also 22. We had a great laugh putting the tree up today. My fingers have been so bad the baubles had three goes each at getting onto the tree as I just kept dropping them. I found it so fiddly. But it is done now. I hope you warm up soon hun xxxxx


Hello fairycazzie I love the photo we love mrs browns boys in our house hope you feel better soon you have been on my mind in your blog earlier in the week you was so down hope you did get some help I do understand about the pain in your legs my are the same did my ironing today ( sitting down) that is the only way I can iron I am only 47( but i feel 74) anyway enough about me moaning we are watching x factor take care love beth x


hi i can't believe you went to a football match and managed to get picked up ! lol i am sure the car moves firther away than when we left it tho.

we too went to asda what a nightmare so busy lovely wide ailse blocked with piles of toys etc, we had gone to do my Mums shopping and i couldn't wait to escape, this is how it is going to be til xmas i suppose.

still i had a lovely latte when i got to Mums and my sis in law was there she said " oh you look really ill " i said oh its all part of the condition trying to downplay it as Mum worries she said " you always say that you will have it on your gravestone " lol

warm hugs xx


thanks all ..well sometimes what do you do?? i laugh everything off but the hardest thing is trying to what can i say shutting a door and stopping a foot from geting in? so you keep pushing to keep it out and using all your strengths to do it .you will either eventually shut it or they will beat you and get through ..but i am still pushing lol..

i do always laugh the best i can about things and my hubby will sit and listen aobut my problems and at same time he says tell the Dr all these tings because everyone you go you dont say half the stuff you should ! ..i know but i cant explain what it is i just never say anything i jumble and mumble and come out with crap. then i leave and think ohhh i forgot so much to say.

i want to say jeez Dr i would be herer every day with different symmptoms and you would be fed up of seeing me hahaahha ..

i laugh like everyone on this forum and keep my spirits as best i can but its hard underneath as you all know this too.

i not sure i progressing or what but something is not rite at all and its hard on my family.

i am quite ashamed of Mum and dad (seperated when i was 2 yrs old) ..i have to txt or call mum all the time she never ever txts or phones to see how i am at all and dad well.... he will txt and i am truthful and always when having some flare and when i say whats wrong he never replies as if to say ohhh god she moaning again.. i do feel alone from my parents and what have i done ?? my dad and mum both have good life styles and are enjoying themselves in their 60's and i am happy for them but not happy how i am treated tbh . some ppl have brilliant close relationships but thats not mines.. my hubby has a good one with his mum she is a lovley mother-in-law and worries about me a lot and she has enough herself with Diabetes and Arthritis . (think this is just a satdy nite moan after a cold hard funny day hahahha) still sense of humour not so serious lol just mixed up and confused . com hahah x

my hubby and my 12 yr old daughter completely are there and understand even though the 12 yr old gets a litle cheeky now and then but thats to be expected 'pre teen attitude' but she is the most amazing daughter just like my 22yr old daughter but she treats me normal and my sons i dont really see.

i dont really want them knowing much although they 'see it' am i moaning lol SORRY not sure if i am up or down even though am singing lots of lyrics to friends on fB hahah..

ohhh lifes weird .

I appreciate replies though to others thoughts on things and i dont feel alone with it all and can say how i feel...

Rite OK so BeeGees has been on and i was doing moves on chairs but gettin worn out with little moves lol but funny!!! so please take me with a tiny pinch of Salt or sugar either will do ahah .. MuSiC x


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