Fibro carelessness....or should that be disasters?

Recently I have been getting very very careless. Yesterday hubby was complaining of pain in his wrist. 'Carpal tunnel again' I suggested and went to get the elasticated wrist strap from the cabinet. It has a bit that the hand goes through and then you wrap the rest around it. So being the dutiful wife I stretched the loop bit open so he could get his hand through, I lost my grip and the loop twanged back into shape firmly on his wrist. So he was creating that I had hurt him so I reminded him how useless my hands were of late and I apologised. Today I went to put some coins in the bank and then I got my Xmas cake(only for me as no one else likes it excpet for the mother in law), and the bacon for the top of the turkey and some liquid hand soap all from Iceland. Then I went to Poundland to buy the dog a teddy of some sort(he never wrecks toys so you can buy him kids stuff) and I saw hanging up a lovely penguin with a hat and scarf on. So I reached up to get it off the chain that held them all. As I reached up and grabbed the penguin the pain ripped through my shoulder and I pulled my arm down fast in fright. I still had hold of the penguin, AND all the other penguins AND the chain. I had pulled it down. I got on the bus and went to pass my bus pass through to go on the ticket machine, my hand flew forward and I let go of it, it landed by the drivers feet. I got my pass back and tried to pull my ticket free from the machine, it just kept getting longer and longer. So I tugged hard and it came free but I also elbowed the passenger waiting behind me right in the ribs. When I got home I could not get the key in the door, I just could not manoeuvre that key in my fingers at all. And then when finally I got inside I got the change from my pocket to pass to hubby. I put my hand under his incase I dropped the change and then plonked the change and my hand heavily but not intentionally into his hand. He yelped and then I realised I had hurt his wrist again. So I am thinking I am better off not doing anything with my hands or fingers for a few days as I seem to have no control over them at all. And after typing this I could see there was soooooooo many mistakes that I had to go back and correct it all. I wonder if it is safe to make a cup of coffee yet lol. xxxxx

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  • I don't get it either. Stupid things like getting the key in the lock. Standing looking at the hoover wondering how to switch it on. I don't cook main meals anymore, i'm a liability in the kitchen! Every cloud has a silver lining though!

  • I took my hoover apart last week to empty it and clean the filter, then forgot how it went back together lol xxxxx

  • Thanks for that. Right at the beginning of my fibro I was riding my mum's bike down a slope and forgot how to slow down. I ended up at the bottom of the slope crashing with no harm done to anyone or anything, except the top half of the bell which disappeared never to be seen again.

  • Oh dear OG, what a frustrating day you have had! I don't usually have too many problems with my hands once the morning stiffness has worn off but today I managed to lock my OH outside and then couldn't get the key to turn to let him in again! Fortunately the garage was open or we would have been in trouble! Hope your OH has forgiven you now! Jane x

  • Oh it does not bear thinking about, your OH locked out and you locked in lol xxxxx

  • Oh thank goodness it's not just me, especially the key, as you know I had an episode last week with that.

    Yesterday I couldn't turn the tap on in the kitchen and was getting so frustrated - didn't help that I couldn't remember which way to turn it. I said to my daughter how am I supposed to lve alone like this ? Mind you she couldn't turn it on either (I must have been tightening it) so had to use a jar opener to do it.

    By the way I can open my front door since spraying the lock with WD40

    Lynne x

  • Tapping turning, I always turn it the wrong way lol. But when hubby turns the tap off I have no chance of getting it on, Mr Muscles strikes again and I end up dying of thirst because of it xxxxx

  • They changed my front door a couple of years ago and I still can't get the hang of locking it. It's one of those you lock on both sides which makes it worse.

  • Yeah mine is like that. I always thought you had to lift the handle up and keep it there and then turn the key, as that is how the mother in law does hers. But nope, you lift the handle so the locks go across and then let it go and then turn the key. I have the hang of it okay but I really struggle to get the key in as my hands are away woth the fairies most of the time and do their own thing xxxxx

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