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Is it really too much to ask?

Is it really too much to ask to have two good days on the trot. I got up yesterday feeling fantastic after a great night's sleep (without medication). I felt on top of the world with bags of energy. Put on a nice dress and make up. Today, not good at all. Really tired, lethargic, and can't be bothered. Really, why can't we have a real long run of good days. I've also received a report this morning from my employers Occupational Health Dr. It doesn't really say a lot that my employers were already aware of. I've also had a form to complete from my G.P's surgery to go for counselling. Is it really any wonder we have to have counselling when this illness is so unpredictable. The Occ Health Dr put in the report that he saw no evidence of significant memory or concentration impairment. What can he expect to tell from a 20 min appointment? Urrgh. Anyway, he agrees I'm not fit for work for the next two weeks (which happens to coincide with my current sick note). Anyway, enough of a rant. Hope you are all as well as you can be.

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I know exactly what you are saying. I tend to spend a 'good day' doing the jobs I've ignored on the bad days. I then spend another several days getting over the good day and my antics.

We can't win can we. Gentle hugs to you :)


True, we can't win - I do exactly the same as you, overdoing things on a good day and paying for it afterwards. LOL


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