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Too much pain

Hi everyone, I apologise if my post is a moany one but I'm in a dark place just now. I have fibro and severe depressive disorder alongside several other illnesses and generally I cope but the last few days I've been so low and had a bad fibro flare. I'm on venlafaxine for the depression but they were changed from a morning to half dose morning and half dose in the evening. I am beginning to think this could be the cause of me going downhill again. This is having a major impact on my relationship with my fiance and we have hardly spoken for 3 days now. He is trying to get to grips with my fibro and is wonderful when he knows what's happening - but at the moment even I don't know.

I am due for wrist surgery on Thursday . carpal tunnel and something to do with other ligaments that are causing my hands and fingers to curl. I am so stressed about it and I know that's not helping my condition and situation but because his ex had the carpal tunnel op he started telling me how I'd be etc. She doesn't have fibro though. I had steroid injections into my wrists a few months ago and the pain was horrendous, I almost passed out - luckily the consultant knew about fibro and explained the increased sensitivity caused by fibro was why I was in so much pain. So taking that into account I know Thursday is going to be rough but it has to be done.

I am missing my old life - the life without all the restrictions and pain. I am bursting into tears for no rational reason. Worst of all this is all destroying the relationship with a man I love with all my heart.

I want to curl up in a ball and make the world go away right now .

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Do discuss your medication with your GP, it could be that it needs changing, also from my own experience if certain tablets are cut up or crushed they are not absorbed adequately. I hope you find relief soon and that your op goes well. xx

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So sorry to read your post my heart goes out to you. Yes even though you are on the same tablets altering when you take the dose can have an effect on your body as it is used to a certain drug at a certain time and it can take time to adjust.

I can understand that if you have depression already (my husband suffers the same) everything can feel like an uphill struggle and the operation must weigh on your mind. Oh had the same operation and it was very successful and although painful was not as bad as he first envisaged and did wonders for the problems he had before the op.

It is so difficult for any one else to understand how fibro affects us and it might be worth. There are quite a few handouts that tries to explain how this affects us and I found one from a sufferer and I will cut and paste it and send it by "PM" to you as it is too long to print here in the hope that it will help explain to your fiance. I am normally a very even tempered person but if I am in alot of pain and fatigue and try to push myself too far (as I am doing at the moment because of trying to move house) I can get tetchy. I don;t mean to but sometimes I actually get really impatient with my limitations and it is me that I am angry with not the other person.

Good luck on Thursday. When you are able please let us know how you get on. Soft hugs. Come on here whenever you feel the need as we all have to vent our feelings sometimes as it does us good.xxx


I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are feeling at this time, and it may be advisable to discuss these issues with your GP or Medical Specialist so they are aware of what is happening for you and possibly discuss alternative medication options. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi, I hope things pick up for you and that you feel better soon. Soft hugs x


Are you taking the Venlafaxine in capsule or tablet form? The reason I ask is mine were changed from capsule to tablet and I felt dreadful. I subsequently found that I had been passing the tablets whole so they weren't having any effect.

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Hi, I had my two hands operated on at the same time, they put my hands in stirrups after the op and the ladies came around with breakfast and plonked two boiled eggs in front of me and two pieces of toast , how she expected me to eat them I don't know to this day, chase the eggs around the plate with my nose and bite them open lol, I was fine after op and the benefits are great . Take care

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Hi again,

I have discussed the way I feel with my gp. He wants to keep me on the meds as they are for now and see me weekly. I had my op on my right hand and got the stitches out the other day. All seems good, the wound is healing well. The symptoms have completely gone - all I have now is the post op pain but that will go in time :-)

Life is better than when I posted before, I do appologise for sounding so miserable and moany. My fiance and I are working things out slowly and he's asked if I'd like a weekend away when he has some time off work :-)

Sending gentle hugs to you all xxx


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