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Why so late?

Why do DSS send out letters requesting yet another follow-up sick note be sent so late? I received a letter this morning. It states that my last sick note runs out on the 29th, tomorrow and if they have not received another one by the 30th then my benefit will be stopped. I am now expected to get a sick note from my GP today, send it back in the 2nd class envelope they sent and expect them to get it by Friday. Of course that won't happen and when my benefit is next due to be paid it won't be. This will likely result in no money in my account to pay at least one DD which will then result in a bank charge. DSS promise to pay bank charges if it's their fault the money is not in but they will class this as my fault for not getting it back in time. Even when it is their fault they do not pay bank charges, I wrote to them enclosing evidence of this but got no answer, strange how they ignore you when you are entitled to something but if they want something they are on your back all the time. All my sick notes say 'permenant' for how long I will be sick, so how come they neeed another one every three months and why leave it so late to ask for it? I am really ill at the moment and was at the doctor's yesterday, I do not feel well enough to drive all the way there to pick this up and get it back in the post today, so guess what, two weeks time I'll have no money and more bank charges.

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I know it's difficult Pepper, but it's easier if you tip your GP off so that your sick notes run concurrently so this doesn't happen. I remember when I was off the entire SSP length of time my GP kindly make sure there wasn't a break in between so I could have my sick notes regularly and without gaps or delays. Is this possible at your surgery maybe especially if you are going to be off sick long term?!

I know how difficult this situation can be and you are quite right, any charges incurred are just another problem for us.

I hope you are able to sort something out to help you with your GP. Please let us know how you get on, take care.

(((hug))) xxx


hi can you not fax your sicknote thro ? x


Hi i had same problem and being new to the system did not understand it but when that happened i made a note of how long sick note was for and booked an appointment with doctors before that date and sent it in before it was requested as first time i got it wrong and doctor did not want to backdate note but i explained what had happened and she did backdate note.I then took it to local jobcentre and they faxed it through no problem.Hope this helps x jo


Ive been there, but the last time I got my doctors note I went into Jobcentre and got them to fax it for me, then I posted it, Im sure they do it on purpose. Dont leave yourself without money, you know you will only feel even worse. I had my money stopped and they made me get a social fund loan, and I have to pay it back and they still never paid me for the weeks they should of, I think the system is a f**ckin disgrace.


I had the same problem so I made a note on my calendar each time to remind me when it was due to run out and then I would make a GP appointment for 3 days prior, taking into consideration the weekend. He would then date it according to the last one he did and then I send it in. In the event I could not get an appointment I would go to the DWP with sicknote in hand and make them fax it over to whatever office wants it xxxxxx


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