And here we go again!

And here we go again!

Work is confusing me at the moment! In one breath, I've got the admin team booking me more clinics than I'm supposed to do per week (and then lying to the boss when I query the decision with her, saying it never happened! I know I have fibro-fog, but it's not that bad!) and asking me to cover even more, and in the next, they're bending over backwards to allow me half-a-day's leave to take my OH to the GP. My boss is sending me abrupt, stroppy emails, and then telling me that she'll sort me out some carer's leave to stop me having to take all my annual leave to look after the OH, and that she'll swap clinics around for me to have Christmas Eve afternoon off! What exactly is going on?

In other news, my boss wanted me to get an appointment with a former colleague who is currently running a rheumatology podiatry clinic on a trial basis. I now have the 'correct' footwear (a nice pair of Sketchers Shape-Ups), so emailed her all of my medical history to date for her to use as the self-referral. She read it, and emailed me straight back, saying that it seemed very complex, and I've been left (to quote her) 'up in the air re. diagnosis and treatment plan', so wanted to know if I'd object to her referring me to the Rheumatologist in Walsall for a 3rd opinion! I've agreed - anything that might help at this stage has to be worth a try. So, I'm currently awaiting another rheumatology assessment.

The OH is recovering well from his op, although he displays an amazing level of disbelief that he's 'still sore', bearing in mind that he's less than 6-weeks post-op, has a 12" scar down his abdomen (under which lie spliced muscles, severed nerves, and manhandled intestines), and is a self-confessed wuss when it comes to pain of any sort! At least I can empathise; pain is something I'm rather familiar with! I occasionally lose my rag, when he's blowing things out of proportion and taking the smallest symptom to its illogical conclusion, but mostly all is well. He's convinced that the GP won't give him another doctor's note tomorrow, though, so I'm going with him to be the 'muscle' - he's only sleeping intermittently, not getting up until 11am turned, and tired again by 2pm, he's in constant low-level pain, and random severe pain - he couldn't work like that, and I'm fairly optimistic that the GP will agree. Ve have vays of making you agree ... *rattles thumbscrews*

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  • hi SootyB it certainly sounds like someones playing games. they really haven't a clue about this illnes do they ? i hope all goes well @ GPs tomorrow. sketchers shapeups now they sound trendy lol take care warm hugs x

  • Hello SootyB, I was just thinking about you and your BF earlier and wondering how you were both doing, your ears must have been burning ;-)I am glad that your BF is continuing to mend and I'm sure he is really grateful for all of the support that you continue to give him. As for the happenings in your place of work, it seems that your colleagues have some sympathy for you when it comes to you supporting your BF but that falls short when it comes to your own health issues. I am so full of admiration for you firstly for managing to work at all with this horrid condition and also for putting up with all of the grief they give you! You deserve a medal!! All best wishes to you. Jane x

  • Forgot to say.....I love the pic!!!

  • Your pciture says it all. I am so glad your OH is on the mend even though he is pain that he will not admit to. I hope you get the problems at work sorted out soon xxxxx

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