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Here we go curtain up at 2,30 Please find your identity and your costume be ready


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Fearless Fionav and the Futile Dwarves take over Castle Mondovis


I Fearless Fiona + Foggy

2 Her Bold Stead 1 =

back end =

Madama Denteen the lady with the smile and the big bum = Sandra (nothing personal)

Her sister Dreedfull = Haribo

Tr imbull Dwarf 1 = Fluffy Zeb

Rumbull Dwarf2 - Pip

Pimpell Dwarf three = Zosie

Zimbell Dwarf four =Yikes

The Dreaded Count Manchurian = Gins whaaaaa !

His Footrman who is really Prince Pappy =Jillylin

The Bats who can fly ! =1Zosie




The laughter catcher Lucyhobbit

the villages

Costumes please be course it is more fun have laugh join our fantastic frolic!! If I jhave missed anyone please let me know

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Morning gins,unfortunately I won't be around at 2.30pm but should be home at 3pm as I have an appointment.So I will have to play catch up when I get in.How are you today?xxx

in reply to haribo36

hey H are you ready for farsical fun friday? :)

Hope you're feeling a bit better today hunny :)

Keep the fluffies hidden or the manchurian baddie (gins) will try to snaffle them for her own use against us heheh!

:) xxxzebxxx :)

Hi Gins, I am not around either. It's my one hour I work a week and I'm teaching .



in reply to jillylin

Hi Jillylin that's such a shame :(

I know you like the fun things we do :o

Will you join in if we're still frollicking when you get back? would be good to see you :D

:) xxxzebxxx :)

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jillylin in reply to

Will do. If not I shall do drinks and nibbles for the cast afterwards if I'm back in time.



in reply to jillylin

that's a lovely idea :D xx

OMW do we need a script :o :D :o

At least I have some time to splatter inches of make-up, I will be absent without leave at 4.00 for an injection ( wish it was an injection of comedy.....but alas - no :o ) No doubt I can steer my way out and back in hehehehe...

Just one question, could I suggest we get hold of esagestapo and suggest he becomes my bold steed.....just a thought !! He is good in an emergency :-) !!

Foggy x

ooh er Misses

Ok I shall be ready to rumble gins xxx

its gonna take ages to wax the magic tash so better go and get ready :D

Darn it shall have to quickly take my costume to the dry cleaners as somehow its covered in jam from the other days frivolities with the squirting guns :o

whoosh whoosh speedy whoosh! 'poof gone'

:) xxxzebxxx :) back soon xx

May I play 'sleepy in the front row'? Xx

in reply to Zosie

LOLOL you do make me chuckle zosie :D

You can be on lookout for the manchurian baddie count (gins) if you like so can keep hidden so as to message us when his baddieness is approaching or sending his minions after us LOLOL

It'll be fab to let off some steam :D

How are you today zosie? you sound more positive and relaxed :)

..........snuggly warming and calming fluffies for you

:) xxxzebxxx :)

Hey Zeb,

I feel more positive. I think the thought of being signed off from work for a while is helping, as if I feel bad I can just go to bed, or get hot water bottle out etc. Also exciting news -I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! It's taken me 18 months, cost over 2grand in lessons, I had bilateral foot surgery somewhere in the middle but passed on Wed which was my second attempt.

I thought I would be too ill and tired to concentrate and I got parallel park as my manoeuvre and it was on a hill, and very busy with traffic!

I'm feeling proud of my achievement, it's a big deal for me.

How are you today?


in reply to Zosie

That is fantastic news zosie I'm really pleased for you

Congratulations :)

I'm not good but not bad if I stay in bed and only get up for the essentials hopefully should be back to my full boinging self soon :D I hate it when I can barely move............... darn physio assessment yesterday is whats done it! well made me worse anyway :o

Lets have some farsical friday fun to celebrate zosie we'll be able to help foggy catch the castle thats if I've interpretted gins panto guide correctly :o ;) xxxzeb

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Fibrofoggiest in reply to Zosie

WELL DONE ZOSIE :-) :-) :-) hip hip hoorah :-) I would do a happy dance for you but my body precludes that at the moment, so I am doing one with my pinkies instead. >>> moietcghnuoufvyzycbtgd>>> Congratulations Zosie, I'm so so pleased for you and you overcame all the problems and achieved it YAY :D

Hope you can help me in this panto.......I need all the help I can get atm., my silly body is in full revolt, well, my back and neck, (no doubt everything else will join the pain party soon enough :o) you can doze off on the back of my noble steed, will have a comfy chair like saddle fitted for you :D :D

hehehehe , do join in if you can :-)

Foggy x

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Ginsing in reply to Zosie

congratulations I am impressed clever girl :) xxgins

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hamble99b in reply to Zosie

Well Done Zosie! :D

Curtain up.......Frightlessly fearlessly foolishly frayed Fiona, takes the opportunity whilst the coast is clear to daringly double daringly dashes in storms and takes over Castle Mondovia..,....

End of story,,,,,,,,....... :D :D :D

And the moral of this panto......... Strike whilst the irons hot !!!!!

Hehehehehe ......waits for applause, though things she may have jumped the gun :D

Foggy x

in reply to Fibrofoggiest

hahahahahah I said that would happen but I fear the count shall turn up and bop us all out of the castle again :D

I could have magic tashed us there thinking about it :D I have my dwarfiness ready Fiona at your side ready for for panto battle :D


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Fibrofoggiest in reply to

Be on your guard then for I fear the Count won't be a happy bunny when he finds out how fast off the blocks I am. Hehehehehe :-) :D evil cackle is heard in the background!..........arggggggggg,hehehehehehahahaha..............out jumps the evil sister dreedful...............lo and behold everyone,Iam the evil sister dreedful! And indeed Iam full of dread and despair for all those who tread my path!...............runs away behind the curtain laughing an evil laugh :D

Clearly clueless that the action has passed fervently fearless friendly Fiona offers her hand in a truce with the evil sister :D

sweeping on tothe stage "shss ah gr I am the dreaded count manchurian What is this I see you are all eating jam sandwishes shhahs (at the audience) I only eat children on sundays and then I never manage a whole one.!! Who has seen Dreedful i she here I am looking for her - which way - behind me no there iis no one there- where looks to the right oh behind tiptoes energetically about then stamp his feet catching his magic spurs WHOOSH BANG ! HE IS GONE

An evil voice from the darkness...."do I hear the sound of laughter in here?

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Ginsing in reply to Lucyhobbit

wha whaaaaa ohohoohohohhhhhhh eeeek

booooooiiIIIIINNNNNGGGG gggg!!!!!!!!

a sweet little old lady enters...

" Hello boys and girls! I am Madama Denteen and I am kind to everyone :) I like to waft around in my sparkly frock and purple doc-martens, anyone seen my sister Dreedfull? she's not very nice - but she does smell like lovely sweeties :P "

in reply to hamble99b

Well helllllllllllllllllooooooooooo there nod nod wink wink ;)

NO I haven't seen her.......... sniffs and sniffs again....................

Whats that smell?...................... swaggers off mesmerised towards the sounds of cackles :p


SITS DOW IN MIDDLE OF STAGE take hat off and ahahhh he is bald save fbeard which grows from his head very strange He rubs his head and goes to sleep/

a DEEP SLEEP Yes you can come on stage come on get together sort this out

Tramasnoozle Trimbull The Tyrant dwarf enters stretching slowly and not so silently from the left..........

Why where has everyone gone?

No-one but me here....................... ? what is that noise?

I want to do some tyranting rwah rwah rwah! That count has ran away has he? fearful was he? heheheh! :D :D :D

Where's fearless Fiona?

I knew I shouldn't have dozed off :o


You were not there a second ago I shall have you I will you manchurian baddie count person.

Where's my fearless fiona?

I am here my wonderous Trimbull dwarf you are the one that y manchurian heart speaks for come sit on my knee I am here behind you whuoooo Here why do you not look my way!

guuuuurrrrrrrrrggggle........................................ heheheh!

sweeties........................guuuuuuurrrgle.................... sweeties


oh, the poor baldy man looks a tad uncomfy! I, the sweet Madama Denteen, must hoike up my skirts and waft away to find a goose to de-feather for to stuff a pillow, and a sheep to sheer, to spin & dye the wool for to weave into a blanket - oh sod it! I'm of to see what the pound shops got. :D

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Ginsing in reply to hamble99b

Never mind all this can I come too

Madam Denteen I have hear your sweeties are particularly nice for Dwarfs what do you put into them it is not the resin from the laughing tree?

Sweeties! I hear you say,sweeties!.............out jumps sister dreedful with curly wurlys hanging out of her mouth and twirls around on the stage wearing a dress made of curly wurly wrappers.........yes Iam here! Behold I may be evil but I smell of haribo sweets children,so come and get your sweeties here............pulls out handfuls of sweets from her pockets and throws them to the children :D please do come over here children to see my amazing fluffie petting zoo................points to the corner where various fluffies are performing tricks! :D

Rwahhhhhahhhhahhhahhh LOLOLOLOL.....

............hehehehehaahahhheehhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D

Trimbull the Tyrant is rolling around wetting himself laughing uncontrollably...........

heeehheeeehhhhahahhhhahhhhahh breathe LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

in reply to


I'VE BEEN HAD...............!THUD!

Trimbull the magic tashless tyrant dwarf hollers for help


no, t'is pressed berries from the singing ringing tree - oh sugar! that is a secret I have kept for nigh on 3 score years and 10, how did I come to give it away? I feel a little lightheaded. Who asked me? where has he gone?

in reply to hamble99b


oh no he isn't!

sadly I, Madama Denteen has to leave for a few hours as Baron hardup [ :-O ] and his wife are taking me out to dine - they've got a humongous pumpkin pie left from cindy's wedding :P

in reply to hamble99b

shucks! LOL enjoy

Oh yes he is :o

Oh no he isn't! Oh no,quick one of the fluffies has escaped and is eating up all the haribo sweets :O :D

I shall now unmask myself - spin, spin spin... oo-er I'm dizzy.

they were not sweets and chocolate - they were cleverly disguised fruit and veg alternatives :P

Yes! Madama Denteen am really the Tooth Fairy! :D

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