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So much to say................well here goes!!!!

Hi all -- just found out that Florence Nightingale suffered Fibro symptoms in her later life -- how unfair is that -- she devoted her life to caring for sick and wounded patients -- only to be repaid in this cruel way -- so many of us have a "caring" personality -- we really do not deserve this!

Anyway today I am thinking "positive" and not only have I registered for the King's college study but I have just contacted my local University Medical school as they are looking for "volunteer patients" to assist with training sessions for their medical students -- I thought if they are made aware of this condition in their early training then hopefully they will understand it better (and even believe it exists!) when they become qualified doctors. I can choose what time i wish to attend and for how long and how often -- the students don't do any invasive tests (eg sticking needles in me!) but just listen to my heart, take blood pressure, do neurological tests etc. -- lets hope that my groans of pain when they touch my "tender spots" will leave a lasting impression on them!!! Does anyone else think this is a good idea?

I also decided to start writing my Xmas cards -- but have given up after about half-a-dozen when I started to FORGET the names of the relations I was writing them to!!:)

I am now going to make a "Malteser" cake -- this is an easy one to make coz it doesn't need any baking -- I know it has lots of chocolate in it --but don't forget the Maltesers have a "light" centre :) Hope I haven't completely BORED you all. Take care xx

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Hi ,

Yes as you say Florence Nightingale did suffer with Fibromyalgia Symptoms and did you know the national awareness day for Fibro is the 12th May as it was her birthday ! As, well as that day being celebrated as Nurses day too !

interesting isn't it?



I did'nt know that, how sad :-( I do wonder sometimes if us caring worrying types are prone to fybro as it affects the nervous system


malteser cake sounds yummy could you let us have the recipe please , i would have to battle hard not to eat the maltesers first lol x


Yes - would love the recipe for Malteser cake. I bet dear old Flo' Nightingale would have enjoyed a slice of that, too!

Fancy her having fibro - I have read several biographies of the dear lady, which referred to her ill health in later life, but no-one said it was fibro. Oh well, ladies - we are in very august company!

Luv Moffy xxx


I learn something new everyday on here, very interesting to read xxxxx


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