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Well here goes - not the best start to the week

First post and it's a whinge. I expect there might be several more if the rest of the week carries on like it started.

I'm exhausted and in pain cos OH was tossing and turning all night so I couldn't sleep. Vacated to the spare room and our 4 month old bengal kittens went 'yippee mummy's here!' bounce, bounce, bounce, 'hello mummy,' bounce! bounce! bounce! Kittens don't understand fibromylagia.

Gave up, went back to master bedroom and was grumpy, woke up OH in the process. who was then grumpy as well. Result: I overslept and woke up at ten past ten which was into core hours so I had to take the morning off. I In summary I've lost half a day's leave, am still tired, my limbs ache, I have some grovelling to do and I have to be here till 6!

On the bright side, work wasn't too hectic despite the first day of term, the sun is shinging and I have strawberries and cream for tea! Always look on the bright side of life de dum de dum de dum de dum

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But on the plus side, you made it through the day and nearly time to climb back in the bed and sleep, sleep sleep. Good on you x


aah our cats like that.but a bit older.i have to sleep in lounge tonite has fella as first day at college and has same illness as us.

so he needs rest like you do.hope you enjoyed your strawberries and cream.and have a nice rest now.


Thanks for your comments. I had a wee bit more sleep last night after watching several relaxation vids on my iphone lol. Modern tech - love it.


I always thought Bengal cats were the inspiration for Tigger, now you have confirmed it! Lol!

Cheers, Midori


oh yes that is a good description - Tigger lol. They are so cute though, although my other cat's aren't convinced! One of the little darlins decided to pee on my bed when I went home to feed them just nowcos OH hadn't cleaned out their litter tray this morning (and don't ask about my morning routine I just about make it to work ontime)

Hm Midori - one of my favourite liqueurs :D


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