Acceptance such a medium sized word for such an enourmous thing

Learning to accept that our bodies can no longer do what they used todo is a tremendously important act. One which I still find myself fighting, I have never been one to roll over and accept things easily. I fight hard that I can still play the piano, knit, garden, bendover, pick things up and so on the list is becoming endless. However, I feel I am coming to terms with the limitation that Fibro puts upon us certainly I have adjusted my life - changed the bed so I can get in and out easier still do not sleep but I am accepting that. I have a scooter, changed the car to a smaller one that the scooter fits into the boot. Changed graually all my gardening tools so they have long handles. The list goes on but changing me inside is the most difficult and I nknow you will all feel the same every day I think I will get up feel like ME and be able . So yes this word acceptance I think I am getting there I am I know I am Good luck to every one xgins

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  • Soooooo true, gins. You have explained "acceptance" so well. I have "accepted" myself and my limitations -- the next task is to get the "family" around me to do the same! As I still look like the "old me" they still think that I can do exactly what I used to do and get angry and upset when I no longer wish to get involved in "their" plans. How do I make them understand that what they are asking of me could make me feel really rotten? I don't force them to do things that they don't want to do -- but they always make me feel so "guilty" if I don't comply with them :( Thanks for your blog gins -- a "thoughtful" start to a monday morning! xx

  • HI Gins, The acceptance bit is very hard, just as I think I have accepted this horrible illness and adapted my life accordingly, I find myself trying to operate at the breakneck speed with which I used to do things, even simple things like walking down the road. I'll start walking and have to check myself and slow down because of the pain in my legs. I'm starting to get used to being up most of the night - last night woke at 1am finally got to sleep at about 6 and had four hours. I'm also fed up with people saying "You look so well!" when actually I feel totally c--p!! Anyway, thank goodness for this forum, I don't post that often, but read each day and it can be a real comfort.

    Hope you have as pain-free a day as possible! xx

  • you are so right the "Look so well" friends are loving and havent aa clue bless them how we are in side I have one and she either treats me as if I can do nothing (annoying) or just turns her head away. Very difficult to accept. Have a good day xgins

  • I had to accept it a long time ago now but even now I do get days where I forget and take on a task I just know is not going to get done in the alloted time. But for the larger part I remember to slow down and split bigger jobs over a couple of days IF I can lol xxxxx

  • Thanks gins. Good to know I am not alone in this. I watch other people, including my mum, and others almost twice my age doing so much more than I can even dream about doing and it makes me so angry. I hate being like this, despite the fact that others accept, or appear to, the way I am. I can only hope self-acceptance will come eventually.

  • You really are not alone there are lots of us but we have to learn to channel our anger into ways of make life easier for us. It is really difficult sometimes but as we accept it gets easier. Good luck xgins

  • Thanks gins. It's something I keep working at and I guess it will eventually get easier.

  • Thank you so much Gins. A great post! Very inspirational too! :) xxx

    I have fully accepted how I am today. I went through the process of mourning the old me about three years ago and I literally woke up one morning feeling acceptance and I have never looked back. I have adapted most things in my life to suit Fibro, I do virtually everything differently to before. I have to think twice about practical things these days as they require energy and there isn't a limitless supply with Fibromyalgia.

    Fibromyalgia is the current chapter of my life, the chapters before have gone now, but that doesn't mean to say this chapter will be awful. I am determined to make the best of it, count my blessings and not let it beat me!

    Whatever the next chapter is in my life, I will take it on the chin and deal with it as I have the other chapters. Life is too short otherwise. :)

  • Well done you very positive approach and you are right life is too short we just have to go for it! xgins

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