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Pip forms arrived a year early! Please help:(

Dear All,

I am grief stricken.i live alne and my darlimg siamese kitty,despite resuscitation lost her 5 furry babies about ten days ago.She howled for her banies,and only quietened down when i bought a siamese kitten for her and now they are inseperable.

Then the day after,my nephew calls to. Form me that my dad had a massive heart attack and was found dead in his garden...he lives in Wales,and fneral 13th Nov.i dont know how i will travel the six hrs there,i have to go,i wouldnt forgive myself.

Meanwhile.i do a lot of meditation,and the same siamese tipped over a yot melt wax melt over her head,another 90 mph dadh to the vets at 12mn.The vet saved her eyesight,but i a, in bits.

I receive my PIP forms this am wih a date on the front oct 22nd. I have more han four will be hard to gather evidence in three weeks, AND bury m father,clear the house etc...

I called DWP they will. All me to re assess if i can have a months extension.

Also my local Age UK ( i am 66yrs young) is unable to help me this tried CA B,after i return from Wales after 22nd Nov.

My body feels like i M back emotionally/ physically back to 2008/9 when i was first diagnosed with cfs by doc Sara Myhill.

I am waking up crying,burst into tears all day lng.How am i going to stay present to being helped to fill these forms in??

Please keep us i. Your thoughts at this very sad time.

Thank you.


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Ho I am so sorry to hear your bad news, I am sure you will get an extension from DWP.

Don't know if you have thought about it but when you go to your fathers funeral could you not ask any of your family to help you fill the form out.

All I will say on this is do a bit at a time tell them just how it is, I thought that were not doing any one above the age of 64.

So sorry ifact I lived near I would offer my help as I am just going through thus myself.

Just don't forget to start every answer off due to my them list your conditions I can do what ever you can't do.

Remember to say if you can on some good days.

This is an example fir you. On making a meal how I answered mine.

Due to my fibromayia and back conditions which I have had to operations on it and my polyimayalgia it depends on what sort of day I am having.some days I could some days not at all.

Hope this helps you need anymore info just ask.



I am so genuinely sorry to read of all the things that you have endured, and still going through at this time. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. I have pasted you a link to the FMA UK benefits helpline, as you may find this useful:

I have also pasted you a link to the GOV.UK cache on Attendance Allowance. As if you are over the age of 65 you can apply for this:

All my hopes and dreams for you


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My prayers are with you and your family at this very difficult time. I'm praying for kitty too. I hope everything gets better and that someone will help you with your paperwork. Just step back, take a deep breath and do one thing at a time. Pace yourself and keep meditating. I'm so sorry for your loss of your father. Please know that lots of people around the world care about you and are praying! Take care dear. From a fellow CFS (and Fibro) sufferer from Mississippi in United States.


Hi firefly ,take a deep breath my love ,your going to be ok , but you need to slow down and prioritise, do you have anyone that can actually take you to Wales under the circumstances, or a family member that could come and get you .

We have something here called community support for just this sort of situation, do you have a social worker that could help , also if age concern can't help what about disability advocate in your area , all the information you need should be with your GP , every letter they have sent to your dr can be scanned for you ,,ring your GP,surgery and ask to speak to the practice manager , or ask you GP to action it for you , they will have had written confirmation of all appointment, and outcomes and confirmation of diagnoses,you should of had these sent to you also ask your GP to write you a supporting letter that Carrys a lot of wait , if you have friends or family that help with washing ,shopping cooking anything at all ,ask them to confirm this in writing , do not fill out the form yourself and if it's the CAB who help with the form ask them to attend the assessment with you , do not go on your own , next time you post lock your post , when you go to post what you have wrote you have to decided whether you want everyone or just the community to read press community, and you will then get some more help as this post can be read on Facebook etc , also make sure your GP makes a statement about your mental health this is important, if your crying all the time it's al part of your condition please don't leave anything off your form doesn't matter how small , or big don't let pride get in the way if you have any issues you must say ,it will help your case ,

And lastly please except my condolences, you can never replace a parent,there is never a good time , or the right age , you father was obviously very fit to be out in garden , also contact cruise the bereavement counciling service they are ver good ,

Take care of yourself be kind and gentle to you , rest and take care of your cats they will be of great comfort to you .

Shadow X


I'm so sorry to hear of your very sad loss, on a practical side of things, would your GP have a copy of the four consultant letters to save you contacting four departments?

You'll be in my thoughts.

Annita x


In so sorry firefly. Just wanted to say I had very little for pip but allowed them to communicate with consultants and was awarded it so don't despair. You can also send things after tho I'd does delay it. I'm also so glad pussy is ok.




Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your father.

With regard to filling in your PIP form I was wondering whether you have, or could get hold of a copy of the form you filled in last time?

This would then give you a starting point. Also do your best to get someone to fill the form in for you. A Disability Advocate would be the best. If you Google you should be able to find one for your area.

If you have no choice but to fill the form in yourself do it section by section. Take your time and don't try to do it all in one go.

All the very best Lu xx


Hi 🙋 Firefly

So sorry to read about your sad news and problems, your local citizens advice bureau has people that can fill out the forms for you so please don't worry.

All my very best wishes

Fluffy 😁


Sorry my WiFi keeps going off . Glad the cab are going to help you with pip they helped me and are very good. It's hard when you are under so many consultants but you will get there xxxI really hope everything comes ok for you and you manage to make it to your dads funeral it's awful when you life so far away but worse for you because of your ill health and the distance involved. You know the accident with the wax was just that and it sounds like the kitten is going to be ok .


Firefly1508, hello, I have just read your post and I am so sorry to read all that has befallen you in these last few days. Losing the kittens is so painful for you and the mummy cat, she does does not understand, and is looking for them, good thing getting the kitten, she needs to mother another little one, well done for loving her.....and now the accident and vets stress,,,sit down and breathe slowly with a cup of tea,,,rest.

I am so sorry to hear that your dad has passed and you are bereft at the whole loss,, I lost my dad when I was far away from him and this hurts me still,,,,,I understand how distressed you must feel.,,,,,Is there anybody who can come to your aid,,,and help you get through everything? family members who know you are ill and needing transport to wales?

I understand the need to be at his funeral,,,and you now have to find away to get there,,,

Those terrible PIP forms are worrying no matter when they land,,,,and earlier than expected is even worse,,,,,good move ringing the dwp and explaining the need for an extension,,,and they agreed? good. Why won't Age UK help you this time?

The gathering of evidence is stressful, I just put all the contact details onto the form and send it off,,,,,I don't go round getting all the stuff,,,,I always regard it as a dla.pip agency job to make contact and pay the fees for the forms, letters etc,,,,,I have even sometimes copy letters with the forms to show the consultant details, and any appointments I have been on,,,,simple proof,,,,somewhere I have a list of medications I take so this is always ready,,,,,have all the things wrong on a long list to keep my memory from failing when doing the forms,,,, cab is a good help,,,,,,getting the appointments is the hard part,,,,, If will help photo copy the forms a couple of times so you can practise,,,,and get everything in order,,,,,and be helpful when you go to fill the forms with cab,,,,, then when complete photo copy the filled in ones before sending,,,,

Now the important thing is getting you to wales,,,,are you going a day or so early,,,get over the journey,,,and be with family,,,, Firefly,,,,rest and get ready to go to wales.,,, your dad is your priority,,, ttfn from Karen


sorry didnt read all your post but i think the dwp are trying to get ahead because there are so behide silly dwp im sorry its so stressful and its not just you there doing it to all booo la :)


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